#179: A Great Loss Sometimes Equals A Great Win !!!!


アンさんブログ 2021年9月にLegacy Hilo Rehabilitation & Nursing CenterからメリーアンさんはBLOG #174を送ってくれたのが最後でした。その後、呼吸困難の為、集中治療室に運ばれ、気管支切開の手術を受けました。集中治療室から回復段階棟に移ってからも、自分で話をすることは出来ない状況でした。

To My Readers …..

Hello My Dear Ones! I have something to tell you. Life can be really funny because a lot of times, you don’t always get what you want. I should know. I experienced just this thing last week on Thursday 13th April when I was working on my on-going novel. I was going great or so I thought. Then. Suddenly, without ANY warning, a small pink-colored “N” appeared on my screen. And in the next second — whoosh — my novel completely vanished from my sight and from the screen.

Now, Readers, I don’t mean just a few paragraphs. I mean my whole entire novel completely disappeared! I tried desperately to get it back. I tried and tried. Nothing! I even had three different people come in here to try to help me get it back. They tried but to no avail. But the left papers on how to maybe get it back.

Well Dear Readers — I really don’t have to tell you what happened to me. I just cried and cried and cried. Just think! Twenty-one years of work down the drain! Twenty-one years!

Then my Godparents came over with my TAX PAPERS to sign and they took my computer home with them once the papers were signed. Two days later, my Godmother was back with my computer.

It was all true. My entire novel as far as I had written was — completely gone. There was nothing she could do about that, BUT — I had saved several copies of it elsewhere in the computer SO what she DID was set me up with one and date it. All I had to do was re-write my CHAPTER 9 and when that is finished, CHAPTER 10 through CHAPTER 13 will be put in and then I will re-write CHAPTER 14 and just keep on going.

So, yes, I lost a lot but I also won — and I am writing again!

And it feels wonderful!

I’m GLAD that I didn’t give up!!!

Until the next BLOG !

I remain Your Mary Ann-san