AUTUMN : Beginning To Get Ready !!! (Part 2) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


As you have guessed by now, I, your devoted Mary Ann-san, have found out about your Summer Holiday and so all three of my Blogs which I am sending will be put on Hitomi-san’s Home Page on the 21st of August. So you will have them all at once without having to wait and we can keep moving right along. Is that not wonderful? The question is: will there be only three? Maybe, maybe not. Enjoy your Summer and your reading and know that I love you all !

BLOG: # 73 : AUTUMN : Beginning To Get Ready !!! (Part 2)

My Adoring Readers……

Yes. Once again I know that my favorite Season of the entire year STILL isn’t actually here yet. However, have you begun getting ready for it yet or is it still too early for you to begin your working at it?

For me, it seems that it is NEVER too early. I mean, why wait?

Why should I wait to get ready for a Season I absolutely LOVE when the businesses here are bringing out HALLOWEEN CANDY in their stores —- now —- and will be bringing out and putting up their Christmas decorations and getting ready for Christmas before HALLOWEEN even shows its face around here?

So I say…….start now.

Well…..not actually right NOW. I mean, its night time right now here and I should have begun on the 1st but because I had business to deal with on Wednesday, I could not exactly start ANYTHING. Oh, I could think about it of course and in my mind, perhaps prepare myself to be ready and get my body and my whole entire self to be ready to begin to get ready to deal with the work of getting ready for Autumn and the wanting to get myself ready to start things and move right along. But why should I go and work myself up for an entire night and not be able to do anything until the next morning? I mean…….honestly…….is that really fair to one’s self?

Does it sound like now that I am already putting off working my way towards getting ready for my big happy season? Not at all. I just am hoping to be FULLY ready to take everything on as I have been hoping and looking forward to doing. For like months already.

And about that. Every one’s calendar is different. I mean, the months are the same: January to December but people’s years are different. They get excited about different things at different times. Like me. It is almost like I celebrate the later months first before I even think about Spring and Summer. And it is like I only celebrate Spring a wee bit (probably because of my Birthday) and Summer not at all. To me, except for The Fourth Of July (and now The First of July), Summer means nothing. I can not wait for July to end because I know that right after August, my Autumn shall arrive. MY FUN TIME OF YEAR !!!

So, tonight, I will relax and take it easy for one more night……and will begin tomorrow…..

HOPEFULLY starting to prepare……..


With Love And Aloha,
Your Mary Ann-san

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