Day Dreaming 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Day Dreaming

Have you ever been asked to do something or were doing something on your own accord but could focus on the task at hand? For some, staying focused is an easy thing to do while for others it takes a lot of will power to stay focused. I often end up in la-la land day dreaming about what I would rather be doing or reminiscing on something from the past, or maybe even thinking about “what ifs”. It’s a pretty normal thing to do unless you are a robot, robots are designed to have a one track mind, and well, at least that is what many are led to believe.
When I should be studying and I can’t think anymore, I end up day dreaming about something that has nothing to do with my studies. It almost seems like a fight to the finish. I will usually get up and walk away do something else to regain focus, like a focus reboot. Although sometimes a “focus reboot” is hard to do when you have writers block or you are maybe in some other type of slump.
What do you do when you start day dreaming? Does it take a while to snap out of it or do you get up and start doing something else in order to regain focus? You should practice these things more often as should I. Good luck!




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