DECISIONS (Part 1) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings To You All !!

Welcome to another weekend and Saturday and time of relaxing and happiness. At least that’s the way most people here look at it. But things come up, my dear friends, and it is not that way. So it is for your dear Mary Ann-san at this time. Actually for me it has been longer than for just now. It has been awhile now. On and off for over a year. At one point I thought my decision had been made. Now I come to today and find that it has not been. So, here I am again. Back at Square One. Oh well. I hope for answer soon.

BLOG : # 68 : DECISIONS (Part 1)

People have to make decisions every day of their lives whether they are aware of it or not. The kind of decisions they are, depends. They can be small or big. A Household and Family decision. A decision concerning a child. A decision concerning an elderly person. It could be a decision as big and important as purchasing a new house, or a 200 foot yacht or deciding whether your child or children are old enough to take on the responsibility of owning a pet and taking care of it. Other decisions can concern jobs. Getting one, and hoping it is the right one. Quitting a job and moving on to another better paying one. Choosing the right school for your children be it public or private. Making investments or whether one should open a new bank account. To go on that long a-waited very special vacation that you have been saving up for years to take or making sure your youngest family members have enough money to attend the college of their choice.

There are dozens of decisions one must make at any given time. And of course we all hope we are making the right one and doing the right thing such as choosing the right medical doctor or vet for your precious dog or cat or bird. Then maybe your decision has to do with something else entirely.

Maybe you are trying to decide what branch of the Military to serve in. There is a real big decision. It sure is a harder one than trying to decide what sports team to root and cheer for on television or Hulu Plus. Or even what new book to purchase at the store or borrow from the local Library and read when you once get it home.

Whatever that decision is that you are trying to make right now, I am hoping in your behalf right now that you will choose the right one. I am hoping when my time comes, I can finally do the same.

Your Friend,
Mary Ann-san

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