DECISIONS (Part 3) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


My Dear Readers…….

Much Joy and Happiness coming to you all from me, your dear Mary Ann-san, here in Hilo, in Hawaii, in America. How nice to be with you yet again! I was just thinking, your Hitomi-san will be going on her vacation soon. However, not even this will stop us from being apart because I will be sending Blogs for you to read. So do not worry. You will not lose out on the reading of any of my Blogs and I will not lose out on writing any. Have fun reading!

BLOG : # 70 : DECISIONS (Part 3)

For two weeks now, I have talking about Decisions and how hard they are to make when you have to make them, no matter what kind they are, big or small. I have also spoken of the kinds of decisions YOU might have to make. I have yet to say really that I have truly had to make any. That is because most of the time, I find the decisions I have to make wind up being pretty big. And I usually keep them to myself. Usually. The smaller ones are not so bad to deal with and I do okay. Even the medium-sized ones I do pretty good with.

Major ones however, I find I wind up having to do two things. Talking to someone I can trust, and praying. As in: Praying To God and asking for His Most Divine Help about what I should do. And I found myself doing just this thing twice lately because of situations I found I could not handle alone and decisions I could not make alone. And even this, because of what I was trying to deal with, was hard, I found my self in great difficulty. Sure, friends can listen and will try their very best to help when they learn of the situation one is in and the decision which has to be made but would GOD understand especially when one of these two decisions dealt with ones own FAITH?
My answer to this is a very LOUD : YES !!!

At first I was not too sure about things because as we ALL know, God works in HIS OWN TIME and answers in HIS OWN TIME and I really like felt I needed an answer IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. But my answer did come. Because I had a second decision to deal with besides one about my Faith my answer came rather quickly and I knew that it was the answer. Not to make any decisions NOW (about my Faith) when so much was happening around here which I also found myself having to take on and deal with.

As to the second part of things with which I am dealing, I am finding myself having to pray constantly for help regarding this matter because only GOD knows how to handle it and deal with it and will handle it all IN HIS TIME. But I do know that every prayer I send to HIM helps and is answered. Even the ones I sent today regarding what is happening here. And every one of them is strengthening me and hopefully my faith.

My faith in God Himself will not change. I will always look to HIM for everything. My faith, as in should I remain in the Church I am now, or go elsewhere, is the decision I sometimes
WONDER after and wish to know if after nearly forty years I chose the right one. So far, I have not left the Church I am in. I have come close to doing so but still, not yet. Do I WANT to leave and join another Church? That in itself is a good question.

Am I still pondering the answer?

How can I be when I have already been given one?

I was told not to make any decisions now while there is so much going on around me that I must deal with.

Sometime tells me that I will remain where I am even though I might be more HAPPY elsewhere and will have to deal with this issue yet again. Then again, I might be HAPPY right where I am and even after nearly forty long years, not yet realized it.

About this: GOD KNOWS BEST !!!


Your Very Devoted;
Mary Ann-san

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