father:英会話 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Hi again. My father is a carpenter. He works mostly close around our house in Maine, because our town is a popular vacation spot in the summer for wealthy people from other parts of the country. These people sometimes buy land in the town and proceed to build giant houses. Most of the people in the town feel lukewarm at best towards these outsiders, but they do provide a fair amount of business for tradesmen like my father. My town is also a big lobstering and boatbuilding hub, and a lot of these rich people own boats which they pay to have maintained, put in the water in the summer, and taken out in the winter. They also pay to have moorings installed and maintained. One of my summer jobs was on a mooring boat. A mooring is basically a big hunk of rock with a big iron staple driven into it. A length of chain is attached to the staple, depending on how deep the water is at the mooring’s location and how big the boat is, and a length of heavy rope is attached to the chain. After that a length of lighter rope is attached to a buoy that floats on the surface of the water, which the owner can pick up and tie onto their boat. It was a very hard job, but being out on the water in Maine in the summer is one of the great experiences. The coast is beautiful, with often stunning rock formations and tall pine trees. Lobster boats going about their daily business are also very picturesque. Anyway my Dad is on a job down the street this week. My neighbors barn burned down last winter, and they are putting up a new one. I’ve seen pictures, and it looks like they are just about ready to put the roof on. It’s a rush to get the job done before the really cold weather sets in, because carpentering outside in the winter in Maine is not a pleasant experience. A lot of work is better done without wearing gloves, but in the winter your hands freeze if you don’t wear them. If you touch anything metal your fingers will stick to it. I hope they get it finished, because my Dad is pushing 65 and I don’t think he gets up and down the ladder as quick as he used to. My mother is an art director at a boatbuilding magazine.






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