Halloween 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡/西船橋/津田沼

Hi again. Halloween is coming soon. Halloween is of course different in Japan than in the United States. Here the emphasis is more on young adults dressing up and showing off their elaborate costumes, while back home it’s more of a kids holiday, with kids wearing the costume and going out and getting candy. I remember a few of my costumes from when I used to go trick-or-treating. One year I was Peter Pan. Another I was Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Another I was Sherlock Holmes and my Dad, who is a carpenter, made me a big Sherlock Holmes pipe from an old block of wood. Looking back, I guess I never really did any scary costumes, but I remember other kids who dressed up like Jason from Friday the 13th or just a generic zombie or ghost. Star Wars costumes are always popular, and I think my favorite costume was when I was Luke Skywalker. My brother was Han Solo. I wanted to be Luke so I could have the lightsaber my Dad made. Some people in the neighborhood really got into the spirit of the holiday and would hand out home-made sweets like candy apples or caramel corn, but most of the time people just gave chocolates. I wonder if many people dress up as Donald Trump this year, but maybe it’s too political.




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