Regional Slang/Pronunciation 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Regional Slang/Pronunciation

Other than sweet tea the Southern states are also known for using the wonderful word “Y’all”. You will often hear people say things like;
1. Hey y’all
2. How y’all doing. (sometimes sounds like dern or doin’)
3. What have y’all been up to? ( you will often hear whachall)
There are plenty of other things there are said using y’all as it is used anytime one is referring to two or more people. I believe it has much to do with the southern-draw that many have and over the many generations it has just stuck around instead of saying you all or everyone.
As for the rest of the States you will hear many different things but definitely will not hear “y’all” unless the person grew up in the south. You will most commonly hear “you guys” or “you all” or a variation of the words mixed with each states own dialect.

I truly find things like to be very interesting and I hope you do too. There are many things I say that are different than my friends and vice versa.
Here are a few more words to take a look at that are said many different ways.

1. Crayon: Cray-awn – Cray-ahn – Cran
2. Pecan: Pee-kahn – Pick-ahn – Pee-can
3. Caramel: Carra-mel – Car-ml
4. Shopping cart: Shopping cart – Cart – Buggy
5. Soft drink: Soft drink- Soda – Pop – Coke

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