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Halloween—- The Fun, Spooky, Candy-Gathering Night —- is done. At least until next year. Anxious to plan for next year already? As much as I enjoy the fun of Halloween and giving out the candy and sometimes, dressing up in costume to do it —- I am glad this Holiday is done. That is because in America now, we are planning for something BIGGER! It is an American Holiday called: THANKSGIVING. Please enjoy this week’s Blog. I hope it is helpful.


Here in America, our really BIG HOLIDAYS are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve and New Years Day. So, what I have to say in this week’s Blog, will hopefully help you get through the last of our big holidays, New Years Eve and New Years Day at least.

In America right now, we are all planning for our BIGGEST (feasting) Holiday of the entire year. This Holiday is called THANKSGIVING and it falls on the FOURTH THURSDAY OF NOVEMBER EVERY YEAR. Everyone, at least everyone I know, looks forward to this Holiday every year. Once it is over, I, your Mary Ann-san, am already planning for the next one.

We plan for weeks—-sometimes MONTHS—-just for this one Holiday alone. When it comes to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade they plan all year for it and when it is over, they start planning next year’s Parade the very next day. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is shown throughout the United States of America on THE DAY of Thanksgiving. Usually in the morning on local television stations. I would not be surprised if I were to learn that this Parade of ours were shown on televisions throughout The World.

Before we can even prepare anything for the BIG DAY we must grocery shop to buy the foods we will eat and even the Thanksgiving CARDS we will send to our family and friends and those we love and care about.

Thanksgiving Day is a day of preparing and eating many, many, dishes, The STAR of THE TABLE being the ROAST TURKEY which in itself, takes many hours to make. It is a day of getting together with family and friends from near and far away, eating, drinking, watch THE PARADE and FOOTBALL GAMES which last all day and sometimes into the night, napping, and eating more, and napping more, and eating more. And relaxing and enjoying yourself. But really, mostly, THANKSGIVING IS…….about being GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL TO GOD for what we have, for our lives, and for what GOD has given to us. For HIS gifts.

But as I said, it takes a lot of WORK to prepare for this HUGE American Holiday and it can actually bring on a lot of stress for people and especially if you are spending a lot of money for it. So, I thought, I might try and lighten the stress for you a little as you read this blog and let you have a go at it.

I will try and make it easy for now.

If you are preparing a BIG, BIG, BIG, MEAL like our American Thanksgiving with a lot of guests (or perhaps only a few), with Turkeys, Hams, Prime Rib, several Veggie Dishes, Casseroles, Potatoes, Desserts, especially the Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream on top, Cakes, Drinks, Appetizers, and foods of new and old favorite recipes, and where the food list of them goes on and on and on and you are cooking like a Chef-Owner of a Fine Dining place and even with all the help you have, if you are stressing out —– STOP —-. If it is all getting to be way too much for you, I say again —- STOP —-. Ask for help. DO NOT try and do everything on your own.


NOT a Play Day this time. You can do that one after The Holidays are done,

But I did say: TAKE A BREAK.

Of course now, I could sit here and rattle off a list of stuff you could do while taking this break from your Kitchen Holiday Cooking Duties and tell you things like : Go nap for 30 minutes and let someone else take your place while you rest. Go read for an hour. Go e-mail a friend. Go talk to someone. My list could go on and on. But I am not going to do that as a way to tell you to get rid of the stress.

I came up with this idea when I was trying to clean up what I call my Craft Room in my apartment. I saw something in the room while I was cleaning that I had forgotten I had.

SO……….I am going to SUGGEST something to you. And I DO want you to try it when the big stresses come.

When you take your DE-STRESS break—DO NOT BE AN ADULT WHEN YOU DO THIS. In fact I doubt that you will be able to one for long once you do this.

So—-become a child when you do this. Let your inner child come out.





You know the kind I mean. I know you do. I mean the ones that come in the colorful plastic bottles with the liquid and the bubble blower inside that your children play when they are outside on a beautiful sunny day.


Bring a friend or a family member with you and share The Happiness and Joy so The Holiday Happiness can once again fill your heart as well as your Household.

And just have FUN blowing those beautiful bubbles!!!!!

Mary Ann-san
Written as : Blog 30. Removing All Of Those Big Holiday Stresses !!!!!
Date Written: 4 November 2017 Saturday

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