SUMMER IS HERE: CLEANING VS READING !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


My Beloved Readers: How I would love to be with you in Japan having a playful time enjoying all that there is to see and admire and love. Your Summers there in Japan must be just absolutely beautiful. So wonderful with gorgeous sights to behold. A great time for relaxing. Please make the best of it all and have FUN.


As I write this Blog, we are just in the beginning of our Summer. The first day of the Summer Season came on 21 June. The days have been nice. Just simply lovely and being that I live here in Hilo, Hawaii, I guess that is really saying something when it comes to our weather here. And with such beautiful days happening, doesn’t it make sense to want to go out and PLAY (in my case READ) in the sun (sitting in my chair on my porch in my case), or at the beach than CLEAN? Oh yes. Most definitely.

IN MY CASE. I will do almost nearly ANYTHING to get out of CLEANING just so I can READ. I know that sounds really bad but it is unfortunately true. I will make up any kind of an excuse I can to READ instead of CLEAN. Or at least put it off for a time. CLEANING to me is a very overwhelming thing. And this is where I am now. I am totally overwhelmed by the entire process. Even the thoughts of having to CLEAN are to me, just out and out plain PAINFUL. Just the though of the whole thing wants to make me whine. And wince.

Why, just this morning, after prayers, I found a way to get out of CLEANING for at least a few minutes as the sun showed its gorgeous self surrounded by nothing but blue skies. I filled out a Harlequin Readers Service Survey (my second one in two weeks) so books from them could be sent to my apartment and went downstairs to my apartment mailbox and mailed it early cause I am not sure any more what time our mailperson comes here and I DO want my mail to go OUT. That is important….especially when one is sending BILL PAYMENTS out.

If my CLEANING was not such an overwhelming job, it would not be so bad, and I would not mind doing it so much. But I do not want to spend my days and Holidays CLEANING. NOT WHEN I COULD BE READING A GOOD BOOK INSTEAD. (Or at least WRITING).

Perhaps I could PRAY my way into doing my overwhelming cleaning job. Perhaps PRAYER is my answer. Asking The Almighty One In Heaven for HIS Help. Oh. Of course I know that HE HIMSELF is not going to come down here and appear and wave HIS HAND and say: Your House is now clean. God does not work that way. Even I know HE doesn’t. But I am sure HE will grant me what I need so I can get the job, as overwhelming as it may be, DONE. Not in a day of course, but in HIS TIME. Yes, IN HIS TIME. This is something I have to realize too. That HIS TIME is different from ours. And if I do leave things in HIS HANDS, they DO get DONE. So, PRAYER IS the best way to get help. GOD’S HELP. And I will take any help HE wishes to send me or give me to get the job done!!!!

Your Loving Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。