Will(英会話あぜりあ JR津田沼・京成津田沼・西船橋・佐倉)


Hi. My name is Will, and I’m from Boston in the United States. I’m a native teacher at Azalea. Here are some simple questions for elementary school students to practice their listening.


1.It’s a vegetable. It’s red and round. It’s used to make spaghetti sauce. What is it?
2.It’s an animal. It lives in Africa. It’s the king of the animals. What is it?
3.It’s a drink. It’s white. It comes from cows. What is it?
4.It’s a country. It’s famous for kangaroos and koala bears. What is it?
5.It’s a fruit. It’s yellow. Monkeys like it. What is it?
6.It’s a food. It’s white. It’s healthy. You can buy it in small cups. It’s made from milk. What is it?
7.It’s a thing. It’s small. You use it in school. When you make a mistake writing with a pencil, you use it. What is it?

Hi again. Here are some more questions for elementary school students. This time the question use superlatives and comparisons. Superlatives are often formed with an adjective and –est. For example: tallest, biggest, fastest. Comparisons are used to compare two things. For example: the cheetah is faster than the turtle.

1.Which is taller, Mount Fuji or Mount Everest?
2.Which is shorter, Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree?
3.Which is bigger, the earth or the moon?
4.Which is smaller, a horse or a cat?
5.Who is older, your mother or your grandmother?
6.What is the biggest animal in the world?
7.What is the longest river in the world?
8.What is the tallest mountain in Japan?



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