Native English instructors Recruitment

AZALEA School is now searching for Native English instructors with teaching experience to join our highly motivated team.

Native English instructors are required to teach English conversation lessons to students ranging from 3-year-olds to adults, mainly elementary school and high school students. 

We are looking for enthusiastic, bright, reliable and responsible English language instructors. Experience in teaching children is important.

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to start working as part-time English instructors in a friendly, supportive and homey atmosphere.

ALTs who can work in the evening and/or on weekends are highly welcomed.

The teaching position’s starting time is negotiable.

We offer:

1. Sponsorship for visa renewal

2. Transportation fee (up to a maximum of 1,000 yen per day)

3. Paid training


1. Nationality: English Natives only (American, British, Australian, New Zealander, Canadian, Irelander, etc)

2. Must currently reside in Japan (within 1 hour commuting time)

3. Proper visa

We look forward to receiving your application through the form in this page. Please ask any questions by e-mail or telephone (047-314-1700) if you have.

English Teacher English Teacher  

Place to work

AZALELA schools in Motoyawata, Funabashi, Tsudanuma and in Chiba-ken near Tokyo

(Conveniently close to stations, all with a pleasant family atmosphere)



Teacher Testimonial 1

Instructor Will R.

I have been living in Japan for about 5 years and during that time I have worked as an English teacher at several different Eikaiwa and public schools. I can say without reservation that Azalea Language School has been the best place.

As an instructor you have freedom to plan your own English lessons and teach what you want to teach. At other more corporate-style schools you are often limited by a set curriculum. If you are an English teacher with imagination who enjoys teaching and coming up with new ideas and lesson plans, then I strongly recommend applying to Azalea Language School.
The staff at Azalea Language School are also all sincerely nice people. I have worked here for over a year now, and I honestly regard them as my friends as well as co-workers. The atmosphere is relaxed as well as professional, in contrast with other schools where the management’s treatment of native teachers can be questionable.

 Teacher Testimonial 2

Instructor Paul S.

The school has great students and maintains an excellent relationship with those students.  A position at Azalea Langauage School gives you the opportunity to teach English to your students how you choose, without the unnecessary interference of a lot of other companies.  Working at Azalea Langauage School also allows you to deliver English lessons in a warm working atmosphere.  The staff at Azalea Langauage School works together well. Everyone is helpful and suppotive of each other.

I enjoy teaching and Azalea Language School is a good place to be doing it.



Teacher Testimonial 3

Instructor Rene V.

Azalea English School is a very friendly place to work, managers are always supportive and helpful. There is also very low student rotation which allows teachers to set goals and to observe progress.

As a teacher you also have the freedom to create your own lessons and do not need to stick to textbooks. At other schools where I have worked you are not allowed to create your lessons but must follow a strict curriculum which hinders your creativity, imagination and eventually your motivation.

Azalea also has a history of growth and a solid financial foundation so teachers can feel at ease about job security.



 Small Children English Eikaiwa Lesson Summary

  1. First we start with introductions, simple English sentences like name, age, likes and dislikes.
  2. Next we sing a simple song, usually using some sort of visual aid. For example, a days of the week song.
  3. After the song, we all stand up and work on action language, repeating the words after the teacher and then doing the action, for example run, walk, fly, swim, spin, etc.
  4. Next, we work on opposite words. The students line up against the wall, the teacher says a word and hits a balloon to a student. Then student hits the balloon back while saying the opposite.
  5. Next comes the main vocabulary of the day, with the corresponding textbook page. First drill the English vocabulary, then do the textbook, then the workbook.
  6. After using the textbook, a low-pressure activity is sometimes good. Short-answer questions, such as do you like? can you? are you? with vocabulary practice are good.
  7. Next, we work on alphabet and writing. First using alphabet cards for identification practice, then small magnetic writing pads to practice writing the letters.
  8. Finally, the teacher might slip in a little simple practice of numbers or colors, although it might be good to use materials other than flashcards.
  9. Lastly, it’s time for candy and Azalea dollar handouts.
This is only a sample lesson, and only an example of one teacher’s lesson ideas.


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