Hello, My Dear Friends!

It is such a joy to be here with all of you. Being with you all just makes me so happy and so excited that another BLOG DAY has come. I have made so many friends since I began writing my Blogs and it is so much fun for me to do. I thank you for this and will love you always.


About The Subject Line Of This Week’s Blog…..
I am not really sure which is the easier subject to deal with—My Lenten—which began on the 26th of February and is now into its FIRST WEEK or My Retirement—which will reach its FIFTH YEAR in April, on my 71st Birthday. Both of these will come and go as it pleases each one. Even My Birthday will come and go without even a say-so from me. So, I am wondering, which is harder to deal with, especially right now?

I think I will take the CHICKEN’S WAY OUT and say it’s a tie. Cause it really is, I guess, as you, My Dear Readers of this Blog will see. And if any of you would like to take my place during this time period and handle this, I would say, Hey, Yeah, Go Ahead, Go For It Please! I Will GLADLY Take A Break!

Here is how it stands right now for me.

Lent is not an easy thing to begin with. Only I not only have Lent to deal with, it is the stuff that is in besides the Lent that is in it. And there is also the Retirement mixed up in it. So, what I am going through with it, is not easy either.

My friend Madelyn who usually helps me, is leaving for Tennessee on the tenth of March and won’t be returning until the twenty-sixth.

Getting my mail from the POST OFFICE mainly will be my biggest problem. My grocery shopping. My Banking. Paying my Rent and mailing the check in. All this will have to handled by some one else while she is gone. We are trying to have everything done by this first week actually. The Banking, the grocery shopping, the whole thing.

My Godmother has offered to go and get my mail and that is a big help. But I am expecting two packages while MADELYN is away. And that makes it hard on us because my Godmother doesn’t always have the car to work with so he can’t always come. And after the 6th, Madelyn will not be available.

Also, I consider myself still partly HOUSE-BOUND because even though I now living in a first floor apartment, I am still not really getting out as much as I truly should. If I could, I would do all this myself and I would be happy. I can not go anywhere now without the aid of my Walker and this in itself makes your Dear Mary Ann-san want to burst into tears. I never allowed myself to say that until now.

Oh…… there are still things I am able to do…… but right now, charging outside and doing what I use to do, by myself, isn’t one of them. I have to depend on others for help now.

How I wish my Tony were here. And my Stepson, David, and I also wish my late Father was here as well. And my Father has been deceased longer than both my Tony and his son have been combined. My Mother has been gone the longest. My late Grandmother has been gone as long as my Mother.
She went though, just a few months after her. My Grandmother would probably know what to do too.

Are you by chance noticing how I am trying to keep my late Mother out of this mess? I doubt that she would be of any help to me. Besides, after everything she has done to me, I do not need nor do I desire her help. Especially if, she did not go to Heaven after her passing, but went the other way, to the world of The dark angels.

I COULD make it easy on myself of course, and not think about any of this. I could just stop worrying about it all and let those who are supposed to handle things for me, do their thing and that two weeks that Madelyn is going to be gone will fly away with ease.

If I did that, I could easily concentrate on other things that are of greater interest to me and when the time comes to handle what has to be done, just go ahead and do what I can.

I should listen to my own words of my last Blog and leave everything to GOD in Prayer and let HIM handle it all.

After all, didn’t I say that Lent is about spending MORE time with God? I did, didn’t I?

And so, I shall give this situation over to HIM and allow my mind to rest.

With Aloha,
Your Dear Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。