# 158: Happy Birthday To YOU Know WHO!!!


It is morning here, Sunday no less, and I am supposed to be having Breakfast. So far I have had a cup of coffee, now going on my second, and several OREO cookies. You think I should have had Breakfast before I started this Blog? Oh well. That is how it goes sometimes. Maybe today will get better as it goes along. I can only wish, knowing that on Tuesday, my friend Madelyn flies to Tennessee for the birth of her second grandchild.

BLOG: # 158: Happy Birthday To YOU Know WHO!!!

Yes. Okay. I know what you all are thinking right now. For weeks I have been mentioning that my friend Madelyn, who has been helping me here, is going off to Tennessee to be with her Sister-In Law for the birth of her second grandchild and now the time has coming. She is leaving on Tuesday at 8:45 a.m.

Surprisingly enough however, this is NOT the Birthday I am going to talk about in this Blog. It is someone ELSE’S ……… and YOU know already without my having to say …… who’s Birthday it is. Yes, you do.

All this started of course, when I began to have thoughts of my Godfather who has already reached the age of which I am excited over for this other person. My Godmother, will have to wait a year longer for HER super big deal and yay Birthday.

Once these thoughts had passed, I thought about the Birthday Person and could hardy wait thinking about the big Birthday to come. Each Birthday only happens once in a life-time so it really IS special. However, there are some really big ones in there that come along and no, I am not talking about ME, and MINE, so now you know, I am NOT the one I am speaking of in this Blog. And yes. I still say that all of you reading this know who it is.

Any thoughts?

I have to admit however, this Birthday is miles away. Which means actually, it is a long while from now. But it is still coming and still will be celebrated in a hugely super big way.

Think hard!

I would not have thought this but, perhaps, you need a hint? The Birthday Person doesn’t. In fact, I can bet that right now, The Birthday Person in this Blog, isn’t even READY TO BEGIN thinking about that special Birthday coming this year because the Birthday is yet so far away. The Birthday Person is, so far, not even worrying about it.

There are too many things on this person’s mind at the present moment.

Unless, ……. this person too, is thinking about the birthday of a child or grandchild.


The Birthday Person knows who it is though, without question.

And is probably smiling about now.

Another hint?

Okay. I will make it a little easier for you even though I have given you one BIG HINT already which was that the Birthday is still very much far away. And another in which I said the person was not even ready to think about the big day.

Here is yet another hint for you.

For all of you who are reading this Blog, the hint is, if you know me at ALL, I will often call this person, by certain little pet names which I have given to this person with love.

Now do you know who The Birthday Person in this Blog is? Have you figured it out yet?

I give you my last hints to all who are reading this week’s Blog.

The Pet Names which I give are usually: My Dear One and My Sweet.

Yes My Dear Hitomi-san, even though your Birthday is NINE MONTHS from now, I thought about it big time, and thought of you…… and your up and coming……… 65th !!!

And yes, it will be big so be ready and be prepared for the celebration come New Years Eve and have some real ……. Fun …… and a real good time.

Until then and that time……. Dream about it.

I remain, with love,
Your Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。