ALL BEHIND IN A TWO DAYS WORK !! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Oh Happy Day! We are here! With a brand new BLOG. Number 101. I just hope you are as amazed and as happy and as joyful with this as I am. And I AM, believe me. Number 101. WOW!!!
What’s more, I am doing it all for you! All of you! My fans and friends there in Japan. Oh how far we have come together and how much we have learned about each other!

And hopefully we shall continue to do so.

Happy Reading Everyone!


I say, My Dear Ones, wouldn’t you think that now that such a lovely day as Saint Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I have a weekend with a Birthday in it and I am alone and I
have a chance to work on my own concerning this moving thing, that I would be able to do it? After all, I should be able to do little planned out projects without any problems or hassles, right? HA! There is this one project I was supposed to do at least three days ago, and I have not done it yet. And it was this weekend that I had planned on doing it. It was a simple little thing which I did not think would take me TOO LONG but, because of happenings this weekend, I still have not done it at all, as yet. It is called putting my Jewelry away. My earrings where I can find all of them at once so they all look nice and all that good stuff.

But on Valentine’s Day, this is what happened. My lady friend came over to help me and she came with ono-lious mini-Valentine cupcakes and then she went to the Pharmacy for me to get my medicine and then after that we settled down to do some work. That part of the day went along fine considering it was raining all day.

Then, after she was gone and went home and I was left alone, that was when I thought to get some stuff done on my own and wow, that is when everything seemed to go down-hill for me. I had Chili for supper but it was the rice that did me in. I went to throw away old dry rice and when I did, I did not realize that there was a puka (hole) in my garbage bag and the dry rice went on the floor and also, when I lifted it up, it also went inside my Walker. And then on the floor in the parlor once I got everything out of the kitchen.

Oh you should have seen the sweeping job I had to do! For me, this is not an easy thing. I thought I would never get done. There was rice every place, just every place. And I sweep slow especially when trying to avoid a Walker.

Now, about the rice inside the Walker that was dry, that was something else. All that dry rice in such a small space. I could not believe that either. I had to take all my belongings out of there and take the rice out by hand and throw it away. What a job that was. But I finally got the Walker cleaned and put all my belongings back.

And my body was hurting afterwards. Big time hurts. However, even with the hurt, I knew I had to keep going. So I ate and washed my dishes. Then watched part of a movie, and went to bed. I couldn’t even stay up long enough to enjoy my nightly reading session.

Come Friday Morning, the 15th. I was still hurting. But, I had to get up and do my thing without my friend coming over. That is when I thought this would be the day I could really do stuff. HA!

Well, I got some stuff done…….just not what I wanted. First of all, there was the matter of the Rice container that I keep my dry rice in. I had left this on the stove the night before so I figured I would wash it and a few other things, like the burned pot that I allowed to soak overnight with comet in it and let these things dry, there would be hope. But the kitchen was not where I wanted to be right now because I did not even get myself any Breakfast. No Luncheon either.

What I am trying to say is I got very little done because of pain and it was not enough to suit me.

Then, I remembered I had a BIRTHDAY PHONE CALL to make. Since it was to Vivian, my daughter-in-law on The Mainland, it took an hour and then right after I hung up, I slept for an hour and a half hoping for all my pains to go away, at least for a while.

Time now passes and it is today. The 16th. Blog Day and Saturday. And my little project is still not done. All my dishes are dried and put away but that is it. Again, no Breakfast or Luncheon for me. But I am hoping tonight for a special Supper in honor of Vivian’s Birthday yesterday because she told me that on the 15th, her Birthday, her son, the middle one, and his girlfriend, would come to the house and have a little supper and then on Saturday, today, they would go out on the town and eat. So, I decided, I would celebrate HERE for Vivian too. So, while I was writing out this Blog, I would thaw out my Steak, and some frozen corn, And I would, when I am done here, make a salad, and made HOME-MADE Mexi-corn, the Steak, and Boiled Potato and orange slices for my dessert. That is The Plan. I have to do SOMETHING to honor Vivian, she turned 70 yesterday! —- Even though her reaction to this is quite different from mine. Me? I am all excited about turning that big number, and she treats it like it were just another day. Oh well. Her loss???

Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, and I am hoping things will go better. Yes, even now I am hurting and I have a big meal to fix. But it’s okay because in the end I know that all my things will get done and soon, I will be moving downstairs.

Oh Happy Day for ME!!!

With Love To All,
From Your Adorable, And SWEET.
Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。