AUTUMN JOYS !! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hello To All Of You! It is I at last! Your Mary Ann-san! I thank you so very much and so very deeply from the bottom of my heart that you were so very patient and waited along with me until all my computer problems were solved. I am now working with a new Windows 10 computer and am anxious to get back to Blogging for you. I do not want you, My Dear And Faithful Readers to lose out or miss any of my Blogs to you so I will begin where I left off in September just as Autumn was coming. We will go from there until “Catch Up” is reached for you. My last Blog for you was # 23 which was SUMMER’S END……which was when all broke down.

What follows here now, My Dear Readers, is Blog # 24.


I begin this Blog happily and with great joy now that Autumn has finally come — and yes, is in full swing already since my big computer break-down of Windows 8.

I am SO GLAD Autumn is here. I mean REALLY. What’s more, — unlike any other — I am really feeling the Season of Autumn this year. Actually seeing it too. In past years, sadly, I have not. Oh. I have felt a bit of the coldness in the weather but that is about all.

It is different this year somehow.

This year, Autumn is extra special for me.

Now, My Dear Readers, as you all know, I am a Widow . My husband passed away in 1994. But having been born in 1917, I would have been 100 years old this year had he been alive. Can you imagine one hundred Autumns? I would say that was pretty special wouldn’t you?

But still…….I want to talk to you about the Season of Autumn itself for a few minutes if all of you don’t mind. This year I began to take full advantage of this beautiful time.

One day, just recently, I went outside and sat down in my front porch chair just to relax and enjoy the day. The sky was a blue like I had never seen, the temperature which was supposed to be in the HIGH 80’s that day was instead at that time, in the 60 degree range somewhere. And the wind was blowing little tiny green and yellow leaves all over the place; up in the sky, all over the ground and slightly above it, and even on my porch, on the ramp, on the porch step that leads into my apartment. The gusts of wind were cool and strong and felt like what the Season of Autumn was supposed to feel like and be like and it felt wonderful. Glorious. Like all the Autumns I had grown up having as a girl-child.

It is Autumn Days like this that want to make me STOP and take the time to be grateful for my life. To watch the sunset. To be at peace and be happy with myself…….as well as others.

WELCOME DEAR AUTUMN !! You are oh so very WELCOME.

May there be more Autumns like this one of 2017 to enjoy and to experience throughout YOUR lives !!

Aloha From:
Your Mary Ann-san
Written: 17 October, 2017 Tues. Hilo, Hawaii, U.S.A.

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