SUMMER’S END 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


As I begin this note for you a smile lights up my face thinking about how happy all you, my Readers have made me. As we go into a new Season together, it just takes my breath away knowing how loyal you all have been in the reading of my Weekly Blogs. Well, there are lots more of them to come, believe me. And I can not wait to write every one for you !! Happy Reading !!


Hello Everyone !!

I have to admit that it is really rather hard to talk about the end of the Summer Season when you live in Hawaii and it is like Summer nearly every day of the year! But I am a “Season Girl”. I grew up on the Mainland part of America in Oakland, Berkeley, and Albany. To set the record straight, all of these cities are in the State of California. And on the Mainland, the Seasons “change”. And living here in the State of Hawaii, in Hilo, here on The Big Island, I truly miss that. A LOT !!!

My favorite Seasons are Autumn and Winter.

To me, these Seasons are fun and exciting. I guess it is because of our Holidays maybe. There is Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December, and New Years Day. And Halloween, in October. Halloween is not really a Holiday but it is celebrated like it is one and I guess you could call it the UNofficial Beginning of The Holiday Season here. And everyone wants to get a jump-start on such things so the other day on my computer while watching a Cooking Show, I saw two commercials: one for Thanksgiving talking about Turkey Sandwiches which can be bought at SUBWAY and then a Halloween one !! And Autumn is not quite here yet.

The Summer Season ends here on the 21st of September this year. So very sorry to say, but The End Of The Summer Season can not come fast enough for me. PERHAPS, if I get lucky enough to come to Japan and see what your Summers are like, I might like my American one a little better. I am hoping for this, because, I want you all to know, I DO NOT really hate Summer even though I have probably made it sound like I do in this Blog. It is just that I prefer the cooler months now and also because the Hawaiian Summers are so HOT and you have to keep a FAN running all the time. And that is just here in Hilo. Honolulu is much hotter than here.

Another thing is, Summer is like all about Swimming and Swimsuits and being thin and gorgeous. First of all, about these last two things, they are the very last things that I am. I am neither one. The other thing is, besides not being able to get into a decent looking swimsuit, —
I never learned how to swim and I am afraid of the water. (And I am living in HAWAII??????). Where I am concerned: water is okay to bathe in, cook with. and drink a lot of especially on a HOT day — but other than that — water is not me— no swimming. I am so sorry. Please forgive your Mary Ann-san. I am afraid. I nearly drowned in my High School Swimming Pool when forced to take the class so I am not taking any chances. Again. So sorry.

Oh, My Dear And Wonderful Readers, you need to know that I have nothing against going to The Beach and being near the Ocean and looking upon its greatly magnificent beauty and being on the Beach and (hopefully) getting a tan — that’s terrific ! But actually being IN the water — No Way.

Also; Since I am mentioning all the Seasons here due to Summer’s End, I can not go without mentioning Spring. I HAVE TO say something about it as well. It would not be fair if I didn’t. About Spring? Well, here I am, pouring my heart out to all of you. About Spring? Well, up until lately, I was not an especially huge fan of Spring either even though I was born in the Spring (April). Now I am beginning to feel much better about it.

And I know you probably won’t believe the reason WHY, but it’s true.


Now. Do I feel sorry that The Summer Season is ending for those of you who actually love it and look forward to it every year? Oh Yes! Of Course! So, if you are ending your Summer Season just about now just like we are here in America, do not worry!

You will have many more wonderful Summers to come and to enjoy !!

Hang in there!

Aloha, Until Next Week When Autumn Begins With Love From Me—
Your Mary Ann-san, in Hilo, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。


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