Being sick in Japan 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Being sick in Japan

If there’s anything I don’t like being, it’s being sick and that because I do not get sick very often. When I do, it is usually pretty bad and I feel like my world is going to end. Do you get sick often? What do you do when you get sick?

People here in Japan will often tell you to go the doctor….and they will say it a lot. I however, prefer not to go to the doctor if it’s not that bad of a cold or anything. Even in America when people catch a cold we don’t run to the doctor right away. Our parents or you yourself would run and fetch some medicine and call it a day. I still prefer to do the same thing but it is much harder to get the rest you need when you have school and work and other extra-curricular activities to go to everyday.

Even with having a busy schedule it is easy to stop by a pharmacy because they are literally just about anywhere and I think that is quite convenient. You can also find everything you need at a large supermarket as they tend to have an aisle or two dedicated to pharmaceutical items.

The most important thing to have when you are sick is your mask. It’s almost as if when you don’t wear one you will be deemed not ill. I find that to be quite interesting only because in the U.S. we don’t typically wear mask when we are sick. The first time

I wore one I truly thought it was the most uncomfortable thing ever but not it’s not all that bad and it really is better for those around you since everyone is usually in a small space or close to others when on the train or the bus. Keeping your germs to yourself is always best that way to keep others around you from getting what you have.

Please stay warm throughout all of this cold weather and remember to always wash your hands!

– Jasmine




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