BLACK FRIDAY !! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


As my Holiday Season continues, I, your Mary Ann-san, continue to share with you. And I of course would not have it any other way. As you read this Blog, you might learn something new. I just hope you enjoy your read and know that of what I speak here really is a part of our Holiday Season. Believe it or not and NOT something that your very devoted Mary Ann-san made up.


Oh My Gosh !! The actual Holiday itself of Thanksgiving is over and it is the Thanksgiving Weekend and we are all still eating the yummy leftovers of the huge meal that are oh-so-good the next day and the days after that. And Oh My Gosh! It’s BLACK FRIDAY !!

Black Friday, which used to be known as The Day After Thanksgiving but is I guess but in a different way is unlike any other day. I myself am not sure when this day actual started being called Black Friday. It just came about one day. For us here in America at least, the day now known as Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving every year and is the beginning of the and the biggest shopping day of the year of our Christmas Shopping Season. I myself, refuse to shop on that day because I have seen over television in years past what can happen so I do not go.

What gets to me now though about this is that Black Friday used to start then. On Black Friday — like it was supposed to — AFTER THANKSGIVING — AFTER the joy of the meal was had — after the feast. But now, unfortunately, because the businesses and stores are all hoping for a very profitable Christmas Shopping Season, they now open their stores and begin their big sales on Thanksgiving Day when we’ve not even had a chance to sit down to the big meal yet. And a lot of people who have to work on Thanksgiving to put the sales on, are not pleased. And I do not blame them and I feel sorry for them. I do not think it is fair. Everyone should be home celebrating with their families on Thanksgiving and not having to go to work on that day.

Also, I have seen and known people who, to get to the stores to be the first in line so they can begin their Christmas Shopping and get the best deals, will forego at least part of the Holiday to arrive at the stores and sit in line or stand in line waiting to get in for hours while the stores are not open yet. And yes, My Dear Readers, I said HOURS. And the lines to get in are SO LONG, And they brave the COLD too, and the ice and the rain and the snow just to go. (Here in Hawaii it’s the rain basically).

Now, once the stores OPEN for Black Friday and the sales begin and everyone rushes in, and I do mean they rush in, it is a whole other story. The prices for the sales are out and out terrific of course but I have seen people actually FIGHT with one another (and get hurt in the process and have to go to the hospital) just to get one or more of the great deals. It is not always like that of course, but it can be. And THIS is why I do not go Christmas Shopping here on that day. I play it safe and stay home. I wait until Black Friday is over. I know better than to try and shop on that day.

And then there is the matter of buying your Christmas Trees. Why do I bring this up now? Really the only reason is because the trees are usually here in Hawaii by the day after Thanksgiving. Sometimes earlier because they have to be shipped here from Washington state and a lot of people will buy them then — a month before our Christmas Holiday.

But to continue with Black Friday itself. Black Friday is Black Friday and it is what it is and people will make sacrifices for it. But Black Friday is NOT a holiday even though it is a part of The Thanksgiving Day Holiday Weekend. A part of our Christmas Shopping Season — like it or not — .

As to MY personal Black Friday…….what did I do? The safe thing of course. The smart thing. I stayed home. Nibbled on Turkey leftovers and started wrapping some of my Christmas gifts that I am giving out that I had bought long before this Season began. So, I am ahead of the game already. Way ahead, thank goodness.

And now that you know about Black Friday and that it is over until next year, you will know that for me, the fun of the Christmas Shopping Season is really just beginning and that I have yet more Holiday Blogs to write for you all to enjoy!

With Love, And Aloha,
From: Your Mary Ann-san
Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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