COOKIE TIME !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings to you all !

Soon you will be able to tell what the all-important word is for this week and for my 34th Blog. Or did you notice it already? My Special Word of Love for all of you, My Wonderful Readers is : SWEET !!! In a moment, you will all see why. Happy Reading!

BLOG : # 34 : COOKIE TIME !!!

It’s DECEMBER !! And Christmas is coming !! And your Dear Mary Ann-san can’t wait !!
I am so excited! I can’t believe it! Christmas Time is such a wonderful time of year and the Season is SO totally AWESOME!

I have to tell you though, just before my idea for this Blog for this week came to me, I looked around my parlor at all the work I have to do yet before the Christmas Holiday comes before I even put any decorations up and I said to myself that I did not want to work today and do dumb House Chores. Yuck. How horrible. I would rather have FUN instead even though I know at some point today, I will have no choice but to get going on this much over-do project and will feel better for doing it in the end. But for now, I will try NOT to think or worry about it because I am here, as always, to write a FUN BLOG.

Then I suddenly had a memory of my oh-so-long-ago childhood past. And a smile came to me and I said: YES! That’s it!

When I was a young girl-child, looking forward to SANTA coming on Christmas Eve when I would leave his snack out for him, it was the one time in my life when my late Mother and I got together and made Christmas Cookies. Most of them were Santa Cookies, but there were also Stars, Christmas Trees, Teddy Bears, Toys. And Wreaths. But mostly it was the Santa Claus Cookies that did it for me. And of course there were the Holly-shaped cookies too. Can not forget those. And my late Mother made them all. I watched and waited while they baked and cooled. I think that was the very hardest part. Having to wait until those yummy sugar cookies cooled COMPLETELY before THE PAINTING.

While we were waiting for the cookies to cool, my late Mother would get out the bottles of Food Coloring : Red, Green, White, and any others we needed, and make the “paint”.
Santa would be “painted” with his red suit and hat and white beard — thank you Cookie Cutters —-while my Mother demanded — yes! — demanded — that I stay within the cookie lines while painting! The Holly and the Wreathes were painted with red and green and the other cookies got the other colors. But how could a child remain inside the lines when painting? I tried my best. And boy were those cookies ever good when they were finally done and I could eat some. Oh they were SO yummy! SO SWEET !

Later on in life, when the Holidays came, I found I missed making the Santa Claus and all the other sugar cookies even though I do not bake. One year very recently however, my Godmother and I got together at her house and we made not sugar cookies, but instead, Pfeffernusse Cookies. These cookies are German cookies that my late Grandmother made and the recipe, at first was hard to find but my Godmother and I found it and we made the cookies. Also, besides these cookies we have made Banana Bread and my recipe for Strawberry Bread.

Oh-oh !! What’s that ?? Our Sweet Mary Ann-san says she does not bake and yet she says she can make Strawberry Bread. Well, yes. It is true. Normally, it is true. I do not bake. My Strawberry Bread which I found on the Internet and instantly added my own twist to it to make it my own AND gave out samples the first time I made it, is my exception. Maybe next year I will try and learn to bake more. Who knows? I even gave my recipe for this bread to my late Stepson’s wife, when he was still alive and she made it for him as part of his Birthday Celebration, and he loved it. I have to admit, I was thrilled. So maybe I WILL try and bake more.

And when I DO — I will make sure SANTA gets a plate and has it waiting for him as he makes his rounds leaving presents around the world to all good little girls and boys as they sleep on Christmas Eve.

From: Hilo, Hawaii USA

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。