“DAY AFTER” DISCOVERIES……!!! 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋

To All My Dear Japan Readers : I somehow manage to learn something new every day. Some times it is a lesson. Some times it is something fun. Some times it is a combination of the two. You can decide for yourselves which it will turn out to be when you read my latest blog.


Birthdays. This is what this fourth blog is all about. Birthdays. Everyone has one because every day is someone’s Birthday. I should know. I just had my Birthday on the 20th of April. Mine was so good that I am still celebrating it. There was pizza, cake, a movie, and a card and gift. I really had a great time and lots of fun.

Then came the next day and that is when all the wonderful discoveries came waltzing in. As I was awakening they came one by one. That was a year older. And I did not have to do ANYTHING I really didn’t want to do. I did not have to rush to get stuff done and I could take my time and it still would get finished on time. I did not have to HURRY UP but could relax instead. I could even pretend it was my Birthday for a little bit longer even though the actual day had already passed by. Happily too, there were friends who were planning to take me out AFTER my big day to celebrate and that is something any Birthday person can live with and look forward to a lot. Keep in mind too, that each person will have their own different “day after” discoveries.

I also hope that everyone who reads this blog about Birthdays will remember something. That Birthday PARTIES do NOT have to be BIG or cost a lot of money to be a success. What really counts is the LOVE. And that the Birthday person remembers to say THANK YOU for it all.


Aloha To Everyone From Mary Ann-san on The Big Island !! (Looking forward to writing the next blog after your wonderful GOLDEN WEEK!!).






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