vending machines 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Vending Machines

I recently read a news article about vending machines in Japan. One thing that was so cool and attractive to me when I first came to Japan was the vending machines. They are everywhere! In so many shapes and sizes too! My first night in Japan, I remember winning a free drink from a vending machine I used in Yotsukaido, Chiba, Although I didn’t know about companies like Dydo, Kirin, Asahi, I was excited to try this whole new world of drinks and companies.

Of course, there are vending machines everywhere overseas. However, I was surprised at the volume of machines here, as well as their sales potential and efficiency. I have read there is one vending machine for every 25 people in Japan (and they are making more!) and that companies like Dydo make 80% of their revenue from their vending machines. This success amidst a highly competitive beverage market drives them to continue finding new ways to keep customers coming back to their machines. Through roulette games, smartphone integration, or other campaigns, vending machines in Japan are fascinating in how they interact with customers.

Personally, I really like Kirin products. I don’t drink soda, and It is difficult for me to drink Calpis products, so I stick to drinks like Kirin Vitamin Supply (pink colored sports drink).

What is your favorite beverage company? How about your favorite drink? Is there a vending machine or brand you often use?




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