English V.S. English 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋

English V.S. English

Recently, while scrolling through Facebook I ran across a video of a comedian making fun of Americans and their English. While I found it a little funny, many of the people who commented on the video were not quite enthused. The comedian was comparing British English to American English and was “accusing” American people of not understanding English. That made some people quite upset, while many others were saying people should just relax as it is just comedy.
I myself found the entire topic a bit intriguing. I never noticed some of the big differences between the two. One thing many people were fussing about was the use of the term “paper waste basket” I’ve never in my life called a trash can a paper waste basket. I have however heard the term “waste basket” used in school. Another word that was thrown into the mix was “pavement”. For me pavement is like a large flat surface but as for British English it means sidewalk so I understood everyone’s mixed emotions.
I compiled a list of other words that I found interesting and would surly confuse anyone who does not speak British English.
The words t the right will be BE and the words to the left will be AE

1. Trainers –Sneakers
2. Chips – French fries
3. Biscuit – Cookie
4. Chemist – Drugstore/ Pharmacy
5. Rubber – Eraser
6. Holiday – Vacation




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