Hi again. I saw an interesting documentary called The King of Kong recently. It is about players of classic video games like Donkey Kong and Qbert and Space Invaders. The players are now in their fifties and sixties, but still have very high levels of passion for these obsolete games and still pursue them avidly in searce of high score world records. Some would say this is a waste of time, but they consider it to be anything but. They have great pride in their achievements, and they hold years-old grudges against other players for percieved slights or foul play. Nowadays people play video games in the comfort of their own homes on Playstations or Xboxes, and connect with people over the internet to play multiplayer games. But back in the fledgling days of gaming, the only place to play games was at your local arcade. You had to insert quarters into the machine and when you died you had to insert another quarter. It was during this so-called golden age of gaming that the original players gathered and mastered games like Pac-Man. Things have definitely changed. Graphics have definitely gotten much better, but few real gamers would argue that graphics are the be-all and end-all of a good game. And most of us usually play games as teenagers or young adults and then grudually stop playing them later in life. Not so for the main people in the documentary. If they didn’t have games, then they would lose something that is very precious to them.






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