Hi, it`s Adam! How was your Halloween weekend? This weekend I went to Shibuya to see the Halloween outfits. I realized that Halloween is really different in Japan than America.

It seems that the most popular outfit this year was Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad. And among men, can you guess what outfits were popular? Actually, Pikachu was popular because of Pokemon GO`s success this year. Also, I saw a lot of Mario and Luigi`s.

I also saw some really unique outfits! My favorite outfit was someone dressed as Kusama Yayoi, the famous eccentric Japanese artist. I took this picture with them. They really looked just like Kusama Yayoi! And I also saw someone that put their face in a replica of Van Gogh`s “Starry Night” painting. They painted their face to blend in with the painting.

What outfits did you see this year? Share in the comments section!



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