Good-bye Summer—Yet Again!!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


I am here. Yes! It is ME! Mary Ann-san! And I can not WAIT to begin this week’s BLOG. It is my last SUMMER ONE for this year. As I am writing this beginning note to you (very late Friday Night, the 14th of September,) it is raining outside. Maybe the weather is ready to say its good-byes to Summer just as much as I am. So shall we get started? Happy Reading To All Of You!

BLOG: # 78: Good-bye Summer—Yet Again!!!

Greetings To You All.

The beginning of this Blog, marks the third one where I have HAPPILY said my good-byes to the Season of Summer so my beloved Season of Autumn could arrive! During my first BLOG—which was # 23—the computer was not with me at all. It broke down completely and did not take too much to the idea of Summer ending. My second Blog of Summer Ending did not fare much better. This year, as I find myself saying good-bye to the Season of Summer for a third time, this time, I truly MEAN IT.


No, Dear Ones……I don’t really hate the Season of Summer. Not really. I just do not care for it because it only means to me things I can not get into… a swimsuit and like going to the beach. Summer is definitely not a pretty season for me. And Spring is not far behind. But we are not discussing Spring right now. We are saying good-bye to Summer. And if you looked like me, you would gladly want very much to say your good-byes to Summer too,

Summer is a season for me that cries out immediately how UGLY I am, whereas my beautiful Season of Autumn lets me know without a doubt that I am beautiful and that if I am not quite there yet, I can still become beautiful as the Season progresses. It’s gorgeous colors tell me this constantly and they make me FEEL pretty. Like a woman SHOULD FEEL.

To me, Autumn is the only season that tells a person how beautiful they really are or can be. Summer lets you see yourself as you are whether you want to or not
. Summer laughs in your face and puts on a fake attitude and claims to be the best season of all of them. Spring is a time of Innocence. Winter, is something else. But the beauty is in AUTUMN. And you do not have to look hard for it either. It is right there.

To me, Autumn is everything. It is a hopeful, happy time of JOY.

Won’t you share my Happiness and say Good-bye to Summer with me and, if you have not done so already, begin to enjoy this wonderful upcoming Season of Autumn and celebrate with me, everything that it represents?

Be Happy! Be Joyful! Become a person of Autumn! And be beautiful inside and out!


Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。