Hello Everyone! Here it is another wonderful Saturday and I get to spend time with you all once more! I was almost going to do this week’s Blog yesterday, that is Friday, but then I thought, no, Saturday is best cause it is a fun day kind of like a holiday once a week. So, lets go ahead and have some fun !!! And please enjoy this week’s Blog !!!


OH MY GOODNESS DEAR READERS !!! I could have sworn that I heard SOMEONE say that The Holidays were over with and yet, look at where we are at already.

As everyone knows, the day of 14 February is Saint Valentine’s Day when you send Valentine cards, give candy and flowers and special little gifts if you’ve a mind to do so. You even make special dinner plans, whether it is eating out or cooking something extra special for that special someone, that special love, at home.

But this year, something else is also happening on that day.

It just so happens that this year, the Fourteenth of February is also ASH WEDNESDAY—THE BEGINNING OF LENT FOR ROMAN CATHOLICS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. And yes, that includes me, your Mary Ann-san. The period of Lent is a very Spiritual and Prayerful time for us; and I think this is the first time that Saint Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday have ever fallen on the same day. So how are you supposed to celebrate a great day like Saint Valentine’s Day when it falls on the day that begins Lent? Quietly? Who knows? Besides GOD I mean? I certainly don’t know. But I am sure I am about to find out.

Besides, there’s another thing. Isn’t it supposed to be: HAPPY Saint Valentine’s Day? You betcha! So why does my Blog for this week say: HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY? Isn’t MERRY supposed to be reserved for Christmas? As in Merry Christmas? And as in the Christmas Carol—Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas?

To quote someone who has been using this word a lot lately: “ Yep ! Yep ! Yep ! “ (I spell this word as Yup usually which is where I found it in the Dictionary).

So why then, am I, your dear Mary Ann-san saying: Merry instead of Happy?

The reason, my reason, is simple.

It just so happens that it is February, nearly Saint Valentine’s Day and the beginning of Lent, and I STILL have my CAT CHRISTMAS WREATH sitting on my table, Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper still out and packages waiting to be wrapped for this year’s Christmas. I have wrapped some gifts already and I am still going at it. And yes, I have put tags on them too. I want to be done early this year and last year I began shopping so very late! (October). And so I am starting now and really having a good time at it. I mean, you’ve heard of: Christmas In July haven’t you? And here, even before Halloween even shows its spooky face around here in America, the Christmas things, cards and sales are already happening. Of course every really great Christmas Shopper KNOWS that the best time to shop FOR Christmas is AFTER Christmas. But for the last couple of years, especially last year, I was not able to that, so I had to find another way to do Christmas. And I did and it IS getting done.

Everything is working out SO great! I will be done before you know it!

So, yes! Have Yourself A MERRY Little Saint Valentine’s Day and I will happily let you know how things are going next week!

With Love And Kisses To You All,
From Your Merry And Sweet Little Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。