SAYING GOOD-BYE !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hey There! It sure is nice to be with you all again. I do not know what I would do without all of you. I am so glad to be with you and have you as friends. One day we must meet! I would certainly love that. It would bring me great joy and I am sure of the great excitement it would bring if I were able to come all the way to Japan from here in America to meet you all. Maybe I could stay. That is because Saying Good-bye to the ones you love is really tough


My Dearest Readers……..

As you well know……..having to say GOOD-BYE to friends is tough…….really tough. Really hard. OH! OH MY GOSH My Dear Ones! I didn’t mean US. I am not going anywhere. But my friend is. I have a friend who has lived in my Apartment Complex for awhile and has moved to another part of The Big Island of Hawaii. When she first moved in this complex we became friends quickly partly because we went to the same Church. And partly because she was living right downstairs from me. And now, she’s going. She has a house where she is going and her son is going to school in the section of The Big Island where they live. This is my friend’s last weekend in Hilo-town. She says she plans to stay in the part of the island where she moved for the next two years. Her son will also be going into the Military soon. I will miss him and my friend’s husband as well. I shall try not to cry as she leaves. Oh of course, I can call her and write her a card every now and then but it is not the same as having her here where I can say: Hey Come On Up. We can chat! We would do that sometimes when she was living here but not too often because she was always coming home tired from her job. She is a School Teacher and is too young yet to retire. Poor Darling.

But, no matter how busy she is, she has always made time for me. She has taken me to Church, to Choir when were in it, to the store, we’d have luncheons together, she and her husband would cook for me when I was not able to or on some occasions when I was. Like tonight. She’s done my laundry too when I could not. It is our final weekend together. I will miss her a lot and will be sure and call. She is a very caring person.

And today she did something very special for me that I will remember always.

Today there was a special Memorial Mass at my Church held in Memory of all the people especially in our Parish as well as those who died elsewhere, for all those who died in 2017. I had given another friend of mine pictures she could use to put up on the board in the Church the day of the special Mass. But when I told my friend of whom we are speaking last evening that I would not be able to go—she said she would take me. I mean, Dear Readers, here she is trying to get her things out of her apartment—and she took time out of her day today to take me and be with me during this special Mass. And she took pictures of the board where the picture I gave was placed and flowers and the huge candles and HIS name. The name of the person who died in 2017 whom I lost and who will always be in my heart, like my late husband is.

The person I lost to death last year in 2017 is/was named David. He died on the First of July, 2017. And he was married of course. For 50 years.

He is/was my Stepson.

And the person who did all the above mentioned things for me, the one who is moving?

Her name is Patricia.

Thank You Dear God for Your Love and for Patricia. May she, and also all those who have helped me, be BLESSED!

And Thank YOU My Dear Readers for CARING! May YOU be BLESSED as well.

With Aloha And Much Love,
Your Dear Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。