HURRY UP SPRING !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hello All Of You.

Did you know a fourth of what we called a New Year awhile ago is just about over with? Already? Isn’t it amazing? To me it is . The years seem to be going by so quickly now that so soon even without our looking, somehow there will be none left for anyone to enjoy. They will just come and go as they please. I guess then we should enjoy them while we can. So……..Shall we?


Because tomorrow is 17 March, I thought I would talk about Saint Patrick’s Day, about the wearing of the GREEN and all that great stuff and how everyone would be drinking Green Beer or at least Green Something and being happy. But then I thought that by the time all of you got to finally read this Blog, the big Happy Holiday would be gone and any wearing of the Green and celebrating it would be over so that was out. And THEN I thought, Oh YAY. Spring is coming and Spring certainly lasts for more than A DAY.

The lovely season of Spring begins on the 20 of March which is Wednesday this year and lasts for exactly three months. Summer then begins on the 21 of June.

But we are certainly getting ahead ourselves aren’t we?

Let us deal with one Season at a time or at least try to and make the best of it.

Happily now, having written you over one hundred Blogs, I have my say so on which Seasons are my favorites and which I can still say that I would much rather pass on.

For now, The Season of Summer remains in the PASS place.

And surprisingly enough, mainly because this past Winter it was cold here in Hilo, like you would not believe, I have been wishing like crazy for Spring to come with its beautiful flowers and light rains and absolutely gorgeous days where a person can go to the beach or sit outside and read and just enjoy themselves and be themselves doing whatever it is that they please. I mean, do you have any idea when you are actually waiting for something, just how long the waiting period truly is? It seems like it’s eternal doesn’t it?

Fortunately it is not like that this time.

WE are getting an EARLY SPRING.
Let’s Celebrate Our Happiness Of This Wonderful And Beautiful Season With Our Greatest Of Joys!!!

Aloha and Love,
Your Dearest Friend,
Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。