RE-LEARNING TO SHOP !!「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings to You and to another Saturday! Another great Blog Day!

I hear you have been having some beautiful weather in Japan. It sounds as though Spring has come early for you. How great and how lucky you are! In Hilo, we are not so lucky. We still are experiencing Winter and it has really been cold here. However, Spring will be here soon enough. Only a few more days of our Winter to go. You would not think we would have Winter here in Hilo. Well, we do, such as it is here. I mean, we don’t get SNOW in town or anything like that—only on the mountains which DOES make it COLD here in town—two blanket nights we call it and we do get them. Brrrrrr. It makes you want to go back to bed and stay under the covers with a good book. And maybe a snack. And I know just the perfect one!


I have been thinking. Seriously. And nowadays, that can be a pretty dangerous thing. Especially for me.

The other day, I went Grocery Shopping. I do this about twice a month. So you would like to think I have everything down pat right? Just a simple in and out kind of thing, right? Just get a few little items and I would be out and on my way home.

No way.

I went in the store with my lengthy list and my coupons and from the beginning I was stuck. Not because I did not know what it was I was to get but because I did. BUTTER was one of the first things on my list because the Dairy Section is right next to the Produce Section where I shop. Well, part of it is anyway. Now I usually buy one brand of butter only and I do not stray from that. But on the day I went shopping there were two other brands of butter on sale and besides knowing a brand, I also go by taste. Yeah. I said taste. Now I had never tasted the other two brands so I figured to stick with my same old regular brand.

Now Dear Readers And Friends, were any of you paying attention to what I just said? I talked about brands and taste. Did you hear me mention ANYTHING anywhere in this Blog about PRICES? No. Of course not. That is because I do not allow prices to bother me when I shop. But then I picked up the cheaper brand of butter (which is the same brand as my Milk by the way) and took it to one of the workers in the Produce Section and we talked about it. We read the label and all that good stuff. And I wound up getting the cheaper brand. Not because of what we READ but because of what she SAID. She told me SHE uses it. Well, that was good enough for me. When an employee of the store I shop at, actually USES the product I am wondering about, THAT tells me something. And then I found out, it was three dollars cheaper than the brand of butter I usually buy.

I still paid big bucks in the store. But I learned something. That the bigger price is not always the best. Not only THAT, I checked out other parts of the label when I got ready to use my new butter and I tasted it as it softened. And guess what My Friends, it tasted just as good as my expensive brand. It melted just as nicely and what I used it on, tasted just as wonderful.

Next time I shop there, I will be more careful of what I grab! And as of now, I am making out a new list.

From: Your More Alert Friend…….
Mary Ann-san

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