Just In Time For Christmas !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Greetings to all My Readers and Friends! Are you ready for this week’s Blog? I really hope so because I am all ready to send it to you to read. I really have had fun this year writing these Blogs for you and believe it or not, this is my 92nd one. Pretty soon, sometime really soon, very early in 2019, I will reach the one hundredth one. Are you ready for that too?

BLOG ; #92 : Just In Time For Christmas !!!

ALL RIGHT !! YES !! HAI !! Here in America it is almost Christmas!! It is The Christmas Weekend !! Christmas Eve is on Monday and Christmas is on Tuesday. It is the day that every child is waiting for. Every adult too, probably. And this weekend everyone. Everywhere, is doing all kinds of last minute things to get ready for the BIG DAY. Some, well, I guess, more than some, I guess I would say A LOT people are out RIGHT NOW doing last minute shopping. Shopping for food, gifts, and what-have-you. K would certainly like to know what that last one is.

About THE MEAL: Not all Christmas Meals are the same. Some people have Turkey like at Thanksgiving. Others enjoy Ham with special fixings. In really olden times, people would have Goose as their Christmas main course. And I think once I had Goose for Christmas when I was young instead of Turkey. Thank goodness it was only once!! I discovered from that time forward, I am not a fan of Goose. I will admit though, it was something different. But I would much rather enjoy Ham or Turkey. ANYTHING but GOOSE!! I think I ate more “side-dishes” the year we had The Goose. And we never had it again.

But anyway, enough of that.

Let us go on to friendlier things.

Like COOKIES !! Everyone bakes Cookies at Christmas Time and this is my weekend for it. I am going over to my Godmother’s house this morning to do just that. Her daughter has flown in from California for Christmas and I am sure we will be making a lot of cookies and doing a lot of Christmas stuff today. Plus, I have to give them their presents too. In fact, l just heard from my Godmother a few moments ago and she is running late she said, and was 11:00 a.m. okay? I told her that it was okay, that I could use the extra time because I was writing my Blog for you. So, as you all can tell, everything is going well. I sure would love to know what kind of Cookies we will be making.

Back near the beginning of my Blog Writing at BLOG # 34, I did a Blog titled: Cookie Time when I explained what happened when I made cookies as a girl-child. Well, now that I am a great big ADULT, I wonder if my Cookie Baking has gotten any better? In other words, have I improved any? Probably not. But we will certainly see today. My Godmother and her daughter are expert bakers and I am, well, I am not even close to being that. I cook better than bake. But still, baking CAN be fun. And I am glad that I am going to be a big part of it this morning !!

Baking Cookies is a BIG PART of Christmas Time and it always will be. I just hope I can get better at it. But here is another admission. After baking, I like the eating part. That is the MOST fun. Especially if there is chocolate involved in it. That is the best. At first I wasn’t sure if we were going to do any Holiday Baking this year but oh, I am now just so glad we are. It is just such a BIG PART of Christmas !!

Would you like to share some Cookies??

Aloha Everyone !!
From: Your Mary Ann-san

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