With Winter Comes Christmas And Two Weeks To Go !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


HELLO EVERYONE !! I am here with my ninety-first blog and have only two more to go before the year is over. Then we will start with a Brand New Year! But let us get together for a time now and get today’s Blog started and have some fun!

BLOG; # 91 : With Winter Comes Christmas And Two Weeks To Go !!!

Can you believe it My Dear Ones? My Beautiful Autumn Season is over and Winter begins this week! Well, on the 21st actually, which is Friday. And then right after that comes the Christmas Holiday.

I must admit, I have not really been in the Christmas Mood for awhile since I am so excited about New Year’s coming and all. But yesterday, I got my first Christmas Cards of the Season and to me that was really something. And I do not mean just one. I got five. To me this is a big deal cause I usually one get one or two in spite of the amount I send out which is about fifteen or so. Yes, I know. A lot of people send out HUNDREDS BUT I am not one of them. I am just happy to send out the ones I have to people I know and get it done. New Year’s is another matter. I send cards then too, but not everyone gets one. Only certain people do.

I was feeling so good though that this morning I not only made BREAKFAST for myself, I made something I had not made in ages. When I did this I really knew that The Holidays of Christmas and NEW YEAR’S were upon us and Winter was not far off.

I made an Italian Breakfast dish known as: Uova In Purgatorio. (This means: Eggs In Purgatory), And it is SO DELICIOUS! It is something I could have every morning. I think though, I might just have it again on New Year’s Eve Morning as a special treat. I mean I delight in cooking new things. And if the Italian things are simple to make, in the easier it is for me. In case you are interested, My Dear Ones, I got the recipe for : Uova In Purgatoriio in THE SOPRANOS FAMILY COOKBOOK (As Compiled by Artie Bucco). It’s written by Allen Rucker and the recipes are by Michele Scicolone. The SOPRANOS series was created by David Chase. But because the series was on the HBO network, your little, lovely, Mary Ann-san never got to watch any of it. Sad to say. And perhaps on New Year’s Day Morning, I will make a recipe that is also in the book but I know it nearly by heart because my late Husband used to make it for us every so often. It was for Sausages, Peppers, Potatoes, and Onions and it was just wonderful. I could not eat enough of it then and probably, I won’t get enough of it on the Big Holiday of New Year’s either.

So, My Dear Ones, what can your Dear Mary Ann-san tell you except that WITH WINTER COMES CHRISTMAS AND TWO WEEKS TO GO and no doubt between now and then, I will be making new foods to try. And do you blame me? This is THE SEASON for all of it; roasting baking, frying, you name it. So, you just KNOW I WILL
be trying to make something new!

But what about Winter and Christmas and those final two weeks?

Oh, they will come, and quickly, I am sure. But not fast enough for me!

I just want to get to New Year’s Eve!

Aloha My Dear Ones!
From Your Very Own,
Dear And Adorable,
Mary Ann-san

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