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PLAY DAY !!! Part #3

To All Of You Who Are Reading My Blogs There In Japan!! I am ever so grateful!!
This is Blog # 7 and it is the final Blog (Part # 3) under the Subject Line Title of “PLAY DAY !!!”
I have really enjoyed writing this Blog. HAPPY READING!!

To continue about PLAY DAYS one last time. It is because of the following important Point that this Part # 3 of Play Day is being written.

Point # 4: What’s that you say? You WANT to have a Play Day BUT you can’t get out of your house or apartment to have a good time? Also, your weather conditions are not that good and are not cooperating? Well……you could plan your Play Day first for another time. This of course would be Plan One.

Better Yet: Use Plan Two.

What is Plan Two you ask?

Have a Play Day at HOME!!

Yes My Dear Readers I have done this so it can be done. Having an At Home Play Day does work. What you do for it is up to you. It can begin with a long bath if you want. Putting on your best outfit as though you were going out. Reading your favorite novel (again!). Popping a huge bowl of popcorn and watching a movie. Having a glass of wine. Having an INDOOR picnic with all the trimmings and joys. An At Home Play Day doesn’t have to be big—the size of it does not matter. What does matter is that you get that PLAY DAY when you want or need one or desire one.

What I have given throughout this Blog and Blogs # 5 and #6 are suggestions on how to have a Play Day now that you know what one is. How you actually have your Play Day and what you do with it, is really up to you as I said and as long as you have one, at least once in awhile.

Having one really does work! Try it and see! I just bet you will come up with some wonderful and exciting ideas! I will be waiting to hear about them!


Mary Ann-san

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