THE LAST COUNT DOWN OF THE YEAR !!! (Part 1) 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


My Friends! Yes! All Of You! All Of You Who Are SO VERY DEAR To Me! Yes! You! My Sweet And Dear Ones! Indeed! I DO mean All Of YOU!!!

Are you all ready to get going on the New Year? Are you like some of those who are anxious for it to start? Like me? I have been counting down the days since April. I am not only anxious for The New Year to show up, I am also awaiting my next Birthday. But to get there, The First Of January has to come first. And so, I am excitedly counting off the days until this year’s gloriously Happy End and I am wanting YOU all to be HAPPY with me!


So, hey, here is where we are at. And no, we aren’t where you most like thought we would be. A long about this time, mainly because the final month of the year is just starting and here in America, as well as other places I can probably bet without having to think too much about it at all, everyone is thinking about and talking about the big Christmas Holiday and what to plan for their big meal and especially what to buy everyone of their family and friends for Christmas. All that food and all those presents! WOW!
And while all this is going on, all the planning and such, there are Christmas Movies galore to watch on television or computer, wherever you decide to watch them from. My favorite is: It’s A Wonderful Life starring Jimmy (James) Stewart.

But as I was saying: Here it is, the beginning of December, and I am counting down the days to the LAST BIG NIGHT OF THE YEAR. NEW YEAR’S EVE (AND HITOMI-SAN’S BIRTHDAY!). I look forward to that evening because I used to have such fun going out for the night and counting the hours until MIDNIGHT and New Year’s Day. I would love to go out on that night and party big like I used to a real long time ago. When my beloved husband Tony was still alive and I could have that MIDNIGHT KISS that I certainly do long for and miss now. Of course, it has been so long since I have partied big on New Year’s Eve that I probably wouldn’t know how any longer. So maybe, I will just have to party at home. And get my MIDNIGHT KISS from the only male I now share my apartment with: BABY PAWS TAI-PAN. That is if he is not out at one of his own Kitty New Year’s Eve Parties with his CAT friends. (Hopefully his Kitty New Year’s Eve Party this year will not be a huge disappointment for him as his Kitty Party for Halloween was for him—because he definitely came home long before midnight! Wow, was I ever surprised!). I guess it kinda makes you wonder a bit: a cat goes out on New Year’s Eve and doesn’t come back home to well after the New Year has come and all the fireworks have quit going off. It makes you want to know what the heck your sweet dear and darling has been doing all night while celebrating—especially when he is FIXED cat.

So, will I get to go out for New Year’s Eve this year? I would like to just because of my special Birthday that is coming next year. I wanna celebrate super big. (Although I HAVE to admit that it is hard to celebrate such a big occasion when your special Birthday falls on HOLY SATURDAY—the day before Easter—and you can not do anything—unless you plan a party for Easter Sunday. And it is not often my real Birthday falls on that day. It has though. Like in 2003, and 2014 for instance. I will get another (final) real Easter Birthday in 2025. The next one after that, when Easter falls on my Birthday, I will be long gone in Heaven and at Peace in 2087.

So, WILL I get to go out for New Year’s Eve this year? I guess I can only hope and day dream about the big night as I count off the days.

Time Will Tell ! And we will see.

With Much Happiness,
Your Friend,
Mary Ann-san

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