WEEKEND FISHING 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉



So here I sit thinking as my 26-ounce cup cries out to be filled with more Coffee due to its being nearly empty. Done! Now my Coffee Pot in my apartment kitchen is half empty. But why am I talking about Coffee when the subject of this week’s Blog is Fishing? Probably because when the Fishing Trips took place, there was always plenty of hot Coffee to be had. To be drank.

And something else. If I had been paying more attention when I was going on these Fishing Trips with my parents when I was much younger and still of school age yet, and perhaps concentrated a bit more, I would have realized and could have bet every last dime of my Weekly Allowance, just by looking at my Mother’s face, that she dreaded the days we went on our little Fishing Trips and longed to stay home or at the very least do something else. Fishing was my Father’s Thing. And it was another thing he taught me to like. To enjoy.

Most of our “Fishing Trips” were on Saturday or Sunday. More Sundays I think. We would leave very early — like before dawn even came — with our fishing poles, tackle boxes, and what-have- you. We would bring food—mostly sandwiches—-juices, water, and lots of coffee —-along with a lot of snacks including a few fruits—because we would not return home until way after sunset. Most of the time, I would fall asleep in the car going home it was so late.

Okay. I admit it. Your Mary Ann-san has not gone fishing for many years now and unfortunately, no longer has a Rod, Reel, Fishing Pole or Fishing Tackle Box with all of the important essentials therein to her (my) name. And I used to be good at it. The fishing I mean. But it has been so very long now since my said Fishing Pole and I have been together, that I am truly wondering at this point, if I can even still lift up the Pole long enough to “make a cast” and let the line out into the ocean.

Now as you know, I was born in California so when my parents and I went fishing, we went and fished off of what was/is known as The Berkeley Pier. And yes, it did sometimes get a bit nippy out while standing out there so we did have our jackets on at some point in time.

But here is THE BIG QUESTION of course. Did we ever catch anything? Sometimes. Not all the time. Sometimes my parents would come home with the fish and I would catch none. Other times, my Mother would get some and me and my Father would be out of luck. Now I am not sure why, but when I caught the fish to bring home, my Mother would somehow always get upset. Probably because she had not caught anything and she was cold.

When we went fishing and the fishing was good, there was Smelt and Perch both large and small. But what we were all hoping to catch was the huge Sea Bass. And yes, I did catch quite a few of those beautiful ones in my time and there were times when they were so big, my parents had to help me keep them on the line to bring the in. But most of the time, I caught the smaller fish. And a few times I would be the lucky one to catch everything.

And my Mother would be the one who would have to clean all the fish once we got home. My Father and I would offer to help of course, but most of the time, she would clean the fish. And if she were extra tired, my Father would take over and then cook the fish and have a yummy feast . If it was too late to eat by the time these delicious fish were cleaned, we would enjoy them the following night along with tons of HOME-MADE Tartar Sauce! My Mother just made a simple version of said sauce with no addition. Just mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish. My version however is just a bit different because along with the mayonnaise and the sweet pickle relish, I chop up some yellow onion and put that in too. This makes a big difference.

Here in Hilo, the fishes we have to choose from to eat are quite different from what I had as a young girl-child. Here we have Ahi, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin. and other strange fish. No Sea Bass that I know of and none of the fish I grew up on except canned Tuna. No Sea Bream either. Special Note to me: I must find the time to check out MORE of the local fishes here as after all these years, I just might be missing something.

I suppose too, I can not really blame my Mother for being upset most of the time on these trips because by the time the day was over, nearly all the food was gone. And guess who had eaten MOSTLY ALL OF IT???

Oh……this is one time when every once in a great while, I wish I actually COULD be a child again. I would love to go fishing here………..and perhaps……..with kind of luck……..I COULD catch something. Maybe not my beloved SEA BASS or Perch or Smelt. But I would settle for some nice beautiful AHI………or………

If I were there in Japan with you……..maybe something really and truly good………that I may have heard of……..but have yet ………….to taste.

From Your Mary Ann-san
The Big Island—Hilo, Hawaii.

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。


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