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This is my thirteenth Blog. We certainly have come a long way haven’t we?

We all have My Dear Friend Hitomi-san to thank for that. And this fills my heart with great joy. She is the one who asked me if I would please write Blogs for her Home Page which I have been doing for awhile now. An her friend Mrs. Takahashi-san has also been kind enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to put My Weekly Blogs on the Home Page so that all of you may read them. And because I am writing to you all of Joyful Things this week, this gives me a great bog chance to say THANK YOU to you all because you too, took a big chance on ME and said: HAI ! to this whole entire idea. You have brought me a great joy and happiness that I can give back to you through my Weekly Writings. It is a Joy and a Happiness that I can SHARE; that my HEART can share; that even my TEARS can share because of so much happiness and joy.

My Dear Readers……allow me to ask each and every one of you please…..a question…….and think awhile please, before you answer. In other words, think mostly with your heart. Answer with your heart.

Who is it or what is it that brings the most JOY to you?

Oh! That is easy, you say?

Do you really and honestly think so?

Remember Please, that I asked you to think with your heart and answer with your heart. Not your head.

What’s that you ask? How about me? Well, the beginning of this Blog tells you part of my answer already. But that is not all of it. This is probably because I could sit here for awhile maybe and do just what I hoped you would not do and answer with my head. In other words, My Dear Readers, I could, if I were so inclined, sit here and rattle off a lengthy list of what I THINK you might WANT to hear me say. That comes of course, from listening to one’s head and which is why I asked you to think with your heart.

But guess what? I am not that way. I DO think more by way of my heart most of the time. I am quite business-minded of course, when I have to be, but being the writer I am, I live in a world where my heart comes first.

Okay though……in answer….I do have what you might go as far as to call a list but it is not really that long.

What I said in this Blog, begins it.

Friendship follows it. There is a great joy in a deep and a long-lasting friendship.

I am filled with Joy because I can and I am able to: SEE, SPEAK, HEAR, and WALK. I am filled with Joy because I DO have friends who, I am now just truly finding out, that they DO REALLY CARE and are NOT just “fly-by-night friends” or “friends-when-they-want-to-be-friends-when-it-is-most-convenient-for-them-or-when-it-pleases-THEM-to-be-so-friends”.

I am filled with Joy and Happiness because I can and I am able to: READ. Also because I can WRITE and was given the gift of Writing.

And one word more. I am filled with Joy and Happiness because I am: ALIVE and I can celebrate it both every day and through and with all of you…..MY FAMILY IN JAPAN.

And so, My Dear Readers, I ask each one of you again: Who is it or what is it that brings the most Joy to you?

Hopefully, you will have much to think about before you answer………with your heart.

With The Most Deepest Respect, Aloha, And Love,
I Remain,
Your Mary Ann-san. (From Hilo, Hawaii, The Big Island, U.S.A.).

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。


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