Welcome To September ! ! ! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hey Everyone! Here I am with my latest Blog (#76) just for all of you to read and enjoy. The sweet times are coming soon. Are you all ready for it? Oh! I sure am. No matter what is going on with me otherwise, I now put all aside and think about all the happy times that are coming. That way, the joy comes and that is definitely what I like. So, lets check whatever bad stuff we have going on at the door and leave it outside and just forget it and have some fun because Autumn is coming! And Autumn is HAPPINESS! Yes? YES! YES! And YES!

BLOG: #76: Welcome To September ! ! !


September is finally here at long last!

The way August was dragging along I thought September would never come and my favorite Season would be a lost cause and we would go straight to Winter. But fortunately, yay, September is here and there is hope for Autumn. On top of that, I am ready. In little ways. I have already changed my Coffee Cup from all green leaves to a cup with two big-eyed Owls, one baby, one adult. They are sitting on a tree branch of small green leaves. The only thing I have not changed yet is my Coffee from REGULAR to GEVALIA which is something I do every year. I drink my Gevalia from Autumn to Winter’s last day (19 March) and my regular coffee from Spring’s First Day to just about now. I am a wee bit behind but by the night’s end, I will have made the switch.

I am also ready to start cooking again. Especially since this is also THE LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Plus, I get a special Holiday all my own. It is on the 4th of September and I am celebrating. It is just for me. The fourth of September, 1970, was the day I came to the Islands to stay. The day I made the islands my home. And so, on the fourth of September, I will have lived in the islands 48 years. Isn’t that something? I am hoping however, to make it at least two years more so I can say I have lived here 50 years but right now, I will settle for the 48; will you celebrate with me? My friend has already asked me where I am going for luncheon to celebrate. I guess she thinks I am out? (Unfortunately, I probably won’t).

So then, what will I cook? Tonight is Hamburger Night. Just Hamburger Patties and Carrots and Fried Rice. I realize this does not sound like much but for me right now it is a lot because my friend was on vacation and was not here to take me to the store to shop, I was down to almost nothing, plus my icebox was nearly broken too and then of course, Hurricane Lane did not help much either so today (Saturday) was the first time I had been grocery shopping in awhile. For the rest of the Holiday Weekend, plus my special Holiday, I have not yet completely planned out what I intend to make to celebrate yet. I will see.

Another way I am welcoming September and Autumn is that I beginning to read a new book. I did not plan it this way but it just worked out so I will be settling down with a new book tonight IF I am not watching something on my computer; A cooking show, Sleepy Hollow, Blue Bloods, (which is a show about a family of NEW YORK police officers) or something else. I also did not plan for the mail man to come with my latest shipment of Harlequin Romance Books today either, but he did and THAT helps a lot.

Now that September is here, I can relax. I can relax and have fun and just be ME. And work on my AUTUMN PROJECT. Anybody want to help me or have all of you dear readers already started your own? If you have, wow, good for you! You are already ahead of me! Keep up your good work! I am proud of you all! This tells me to get going as well. FORGET THE HURRICANES!!! Just go for it and get the job done!




Happy September Everyone! (Autumn begins on the 22nd) !

Aloha And Much Love To ALL Of You,
Your Much Devoted,
Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。