# 163: THE HOSPITAL —- PART C —-Part # 4 of the Blog


My Readers! Well, here I am, AGAIN writing my Blog to you from Keaau, my new home place. I am really enjoying it here. It is more quiet here than it is in Hilo. Much more peaceful. I can get lots of rest-filled sleep which is something I did without of a lot in Hilo because so many people did lots of spooky kind stuff there what kept me awake. Out here in Keaau, I can relax. Be me.

Please take care at what you do. Do not do any bad kind stuffs. Be good. You know what I mean. I worry about all of you. And I will be praying for you big time.

I had no idea—absolutely none—that my first night in The Hilo Medical Center was going to be one of my longest nights in there ever even though I should have gotten a clue when I knew how my DAY had gone dragging on such as it had. I also had no clue either, just how scary and horribly frightening it was going to be for me. Even when the night shift Nurse came in with something I had never seen before.

Oh. I knew what it was of course. It was plainly obvious that it was some kind of a mask. But I did not know that it was oh so for me and that I was to put it on and wear it all night and keep it on cause it had Oxygen in it so that I could breath because I was not getting enough oxygen they said. The Nurse said I had to put the mask on because I had the sleeping thing where you sleep but stop breathing and you have to wake yourself up. And she started to put the mask over my face and I immediately pushed it away. I told her I would not be able to breathe. She tried to put it on me several times and I kept pushing it away. After a time though, she put it on me. Then she turned the machine on only to have me rip the mask off and scream bloody murder.

I am not truly sure just actually HOW LONG it took for the nurse to get the mask on me and keep it there for the night, but she did it. Or HOW I managed to go to sleep either. But……. I do remember waking up at I did not know what hour just screaming…..!!!!!!!! I found myself not knowing where the heck I was but that I was in a very small enclosed space and that I could not get out. And I kept screaming: GET ME OUTTA HERE ! GET ME OUTTA HERE NOW ! HELP ! HELP ! GET ME OUTTA HERE !

The nurses came rushing in and took the mask off me and assured me everything was okay and I tried to tell them where I was and where I was not. That wherever I was, I wasn’t in no bed asleep, I was awake and trapped in a space and couldn’t get out.

And I wasn’t gonna put that horrid mask thing on again.

Oxygen or no……

No matter what they did to me.

No matter HOW LONG I had to stay there.

For the rest of the night, I slept without the mask.

And had a good sleep.

PART # 5 to come.


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