#164: THE HOSPITAL — PART D — (Part 5 of the Blog)

After the horrid mask incident was over with and my sleep restored to something I could live with, the following day went well. And I felt fairly good and tried not to think about Paws and my apartment on Ohai Street. I just knew that, or at least hoped, all this would be done soon and I could return without anything else hurtful happening.

Oh I am sorry but oh how I wish this would and could have been true.

My Nature Call hit again. Only this time, it was not THE NUMBER ONE. The easy one. It was The Number Two…….The DO-DO……..which I found out after it was all done, I had not done any in like four days and so it was really stuck inside there and no matter how hard I pushed to get it to come out and I would be free of everything, it would not.

I cried and screamed and yelled super big.

The nurses came again and I explained my situation.

I had no idea what they had to do to me at that time to get things right so I could finally be my normal self again, but whatever it was, and it hurt BIG, the job got done, and I was glad it was over with. And I could finally be me. I could rest and relax. And not hurt. No more screaming or crying. Only the wish to be home again filled me with the hope of happily seeing my Baby Paws once more.

Paws was all I was living for. And he seemed so far away.

But I still couldn’t touch him.

I just had to wait until my hospital time was up and I could go home.

Only a day or so more, I thought.

Oh the happiness of seeing Paws. How wonderful that would be for us. Back together again after a short separation. How anxious I was. In the mean time, I knew that George and Karen, were taking care of him. My BABY PAWS was in good hands.

Your Friend,
Mary Ann-san

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