When? What time?

Eleven A.M.

Oh how wonderful! The time, once again, couldn’t speed up fast enough for me. I would be getting there to The Life Care Center of Hilo in time for LUNCHEON. And in two weeks, I would be home with Baby Paws once again. For this I couldn’t wait. I realize of course Baby Paws is all I have been able to talk about during my hospital stay but let me tell you, when you have a darling pet and you are waiting to see it, it IS all you can talk about especially when you have been away from it.

And I have been away from Baby Paws for far too long. You think, maybe?

How long already it has been since I have felt his fur, petted him, heard his handsome Cat Voice calling out to me, felt his special loving rub against my legs. How long it has already been since I have fed him at our place and gave him water, said his name: Baby PAWS in a calling which says how much l love him. Have missed him. Needed him.

The eleven A.M. hour of the 26th of March came and went and I still hadn’t left The Hilo Medical Center yet. LUNCHEON came. Late. And I had no choice but to eat cause I was starving already. And to wait. Some more.

The hours now seemed to drag. Desperately. At more than one point, when I looked up, at the round white, huge, black numbered face, I could have sworn, the clock came to a complete stand still in my behalf, the hands on said instrument refusing to move.

Could the Nurses been mistaken and given me the wrong information?

I asked one when she came in. She inquired of a doctor.

The Life Care Center of Hilo wasn’t ready for me yet. MY ROOM was not ready yet. But it would be soon. I was going in a little while. There was a thing going on here that I would have to learn many times. Have I learned it yet? No. NOT YET. It is a thing called: PATIENCE AND WAITING. It is a very hard thing to learn. And guess what??? Your Dear, Sweet, and Most Adorable Mary Ann-san is VERY BAD AT IT. I am not good at all at waiting and I only have patience for the doing of certain things.

While waiting, or rather TRYING to wait, I made an attempt to get out of my hospital bed and walk with the hospital walker. I had not been out of bed for nearly a week and discovered to my horrific dismay that I still was unable to walk. I could barely stand, let alone, walk. And both the doctor and nurse were watching, which made it even worse for me.

I couldn’t do it.

And my reaction was to cry. SUPER BIG.


The question I was asking was more like a demand, a command to do so.

The doctor told me what I already knew.

I had been in bed for a week almost.

I was too weak to walk yet.

I would need time.


All I had, was two weeks.

Two weeks that would begin today, the 26th of March 2020.

And I hadn’t even left The Hilo Medical Center yet to go to The Life Care Center of Hilo.

My room still wasn’t ready.

Two weeks ………….

It would be the longest two weeks of waiting I would ever spend away from my Dear BABY Paws….!

Mary Ann-san

病院内 旅行で訪れたハワイに魅せられて21歳の時にオアフ島にやってきました。