Today, the 26th day of March 2021, is The Anniversary of Death/Passing of My Parents. Not just my Mother, but my Father too. They died on this date, ten years apart. My Mother first, and then my Father. My Mother died on Easter Sunday. It was YEARS before I was able to wish ANYONE a Happy Easter. When my Father died ten years later on this date, it wasn’t Easter then. But I took the Death of my Father much harder than when my Mother passed away. I still miss him more with each year that passes. I guess all of you, My Dear Readers, could say I was, and still am, my Daddy’s Girl.

BUT, believe it or not, I am not here to tell you the entire story of my Parents’ passing even though it may sound like it. With a blog titled: The Coming Of Easter Day, I am writing this blog to all of you because a week from today is GOOD FRIDAY and that next Sunday is Easter Sunday.

In case you don’t know: GOOD FRIDAY is the day Our Lord Jesus died for ALL OF US, FOR OUR SINS. For me, Good Friday is the saddest day ever. When I used to be able to attend Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church here in Hilo, I used to attend the Good Friday Service. Yes, My Darlings, I did say Service because on Good Friday MASS is not said.

But still, I went.

The Service started at 3 p.m., and lasted until around 5:30 p.m. Sometimes even longer. The entire Service was sad of course but the saddest parts were the songs the choir sang — WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THEY CRUCIFIED MY LORD?— was one of them. And when THE CRUCIFIX was passed though out the Church for each one of us to hold for a few minutes before passing to the next person next to us, when it was my turn to touch it and hold it, I kissed it and just cried. The songs made me cry too.

One year when I was there and the Service had just ended and I was getting ready to leave, someone came up to me and wished me a Happy Easter.

Now I’ll tell you something My Dear Ones, I take GOOD FRIDAY very seriously. So, it was because of this that my reply to this person was that it WASN’T EASTER YET. It is STILL GOOD FRIDAY. Easter isn’t until Sunday and we must wait for it. The person I told this to, was silent for several minutes and realized I was right and said so. And then apologized for getting ahead of herself. Apology accepted.

But wait a minute, I can hear you all saying at this point! Didn’t our Dear Mary Ann-san say her blog was titled: THE COMING OF EASTER DAY?

Well yes indeed. That I did.

BUT…… the important word here is…..COMING, you see.

And to get to The Glorious Celebration of EASTER and Jesus’ Rising from The Dead, we all must endure the agonies of Good Friday ….. first.

Remember this please: Our Lord died for EVERYONE, whether you are religious or not. Even if you are not yet born, He died for you too. Even if you do not yet believe. He loves you enough to die and rise for you as well. HE gave His Life on The Cross for us ALL, for our sins…….because …….HE LOVES US. Because He LOVES YOU !!!!!

With All My Love,
Your Devoted And Loving,
Mary Ann-san ❤❤❤