# 173 : HILO and The CoVid-19

Today I am on what some say is a special assignment. Here in my new Home Town of Hilo — that is on The Big Island
Island of Hawaii in case you do not by any chance know. I am here to speak about and hopefully, express my own opinions about the said subject of my Home Town and the

As I begin this Blog, I find myself having to sigh super big. This is because I learned that just yesterday, there were thirty (30) NEW cases of the CoVid-19 on our Big Island. THIRTY. And here I thought we were done with the CoVid and all of its horribleness. I guess that only I alone felt- safe; as though I were tucked nice and very warmly and snuggly in my warren with my God Mother and God Father Bunnies and their children and grand-baby Bunnies because my real
Mama and Poppy Bunny found their way to God’s Beautiful Bunny Haven a long time ago and are hopefully resting in their separate (thanks to certain Step-Mama Bunnies whom I will not name) warrens.

But for now, this is not the time for me, Mary Ann-san to be a part of and to be playing loving, and warm, Bunny games. We must continue and concentrate on the subject at hand, the CoVid-19 situation that has sadly and quickly turned into a Worldly Pandemic.

I mean, those thirty little cases alone could cause another CoVid spike and we do not need this. We do not need or want the numbers to sky-rocket again. We do not need any more people dying, even any more young people dying from this CoVid-19.

I remember when I was in the hospital and I overheard a male nurse there say that the patient next door to me had the CoVId. They quickly looked over at me and then at each other, hoping I had not heard them. I pretended I hadn’t but silently I was screaming: Get me out of here !!! I was quickly brought here to Legacy Hilo, via The Hospital’ Ambulance, because I was unable to walk at that time and to this day, I still can not. Also, to this day, I do not know if that patient who had the CoVid-19, lived or died or what, i was never told. I can only hope in my heart that this person still lives and is just as CoVid-19 free, as I AM.

Speaking now, of the young adults, and from what I understand, this not in Hilo, fortunately, this seems to be nation-wide os on the Mainland. And it is news-worthy. A lot of the young adults now, are losing interest in the Vaccine and are not interested in getting the shots. I am worried for them now. They could die if they do not receive the Vaccine and get their shots.

I, myself also, do not know about Hilo itself and how the job market is going, how the rent situation is going, but I have heard on the Mainland, though the News, that first, a certain Ice Cream Parlor there, is doubling its wages to $15.00 an hour to all workers to get more workers to come and work. I also heard that the State of California was paying all back rents due to CoVid as far back as the start of 2020.

I am aware that we here in Hawaii, have to survive with the dealing of higher prices than any place else in the entire nation, as well as, I might add, much lower wages. I recall that, when I had to quit my job, due to my now deceased husband’s illness, at the time, I was only making $6.00 an hour. That is what I ended my Papaya Career with. The making of six dollars an hour. Wow. Good thing I found my later job of Chore Worker to Gaile after. Even though I began at the lowest wage, I still came out good in the end and the monies I had saved long ago, are now helping me with the Care that I now need. Not everyone can come out so good. I was lucky. Thanks Be To God. He has been very good to me. Not everyone is as lucky as I have been.

I mean, think about it. I have always had a roof over my head, no matter what. I have been kept safe from The CoVid-19. I was offered shots to take to keep me from getting the dreaded CoVid-19 and I took them. There were other versions of The CoVid of course, that came into America from other Nations, but God saw to it that I totally remained free from those too, because I was careful and did not take any kind of chances.

Sadly, others do not have it so good.

We have to pray for these people who are much more unfortunate than me. Then US.

The people who are already sick and then get the CoVid. The ones who get the CoVid suddenly, without any notice. For those who are having trouble obtaining work and then keeping their job. The ones who can not get work, even though they are actually going as far as to FIGHT others to get the job. Not physically of course. I mean fight in other ways to make sure their job is kept so they can put food on their tables for their families, their wives, children, husbands, babies, and grand-babies. Parents maybe. And perhaps even grandparents.

Are you one of these above?

We are praying unceasingly for you. And will continue to do so until this situation gets better and the CoVid-19 ceases to be. We are even praying for China who started all this because a real, true, lesson needs to be learned here.

If things get worse, we will still pray. We who are praying won’t give up because only The Almighty God can end this. We all know that.

May God Bless You ALL.

Mary Ann-san