# 174 : HILO and The CoVid-19_2


I am so sorry My Dearest Ones. I know you have waited ever so long for this Blog. It has been such a hard one to write and get information for, that I thought I would never write it for you. But I thought I would try yet again. Happy Reading Everyone.

BLOG: #174: Hilo & The CoVid-19

Wow ! I thought I would never get this Blog started but this must be my lucky day. This time, My Dear Ones, I do not care how long it takes, I am gonna get this Blog done and on the way to you.

The CoVid-19 is really bad here in Hilo. Well, perhaps not as bad as on The Mainland, but it is truly, super bad and spooky enough. SOME people I know do not realize just how dangerous it is to NOT take the Vaccine and how they are playing with their lives. Putting their lives and every one else’s in danger as well as their very own. Don’t they care? Apparently they do not.

I want you all to know that I personally, have given up T.V. shows I wanted very much to watch so I could watch the regular T.V. news stations to do my CoVid-19 research for this Blog. Don’t feel sorry, at least not TOO sorry for me though, cause your Mary Ann-san learned a lot. Really.

Now let me see if I have all my numbers straight for you. The following numbers are the new cases of CoVid-19 for each day listed, for each island as I could get at the time. As you can see, the listings are for The Big Island, Oahu, and Maui.

24 August 2021 25 August 2021 27 August 2021
Big Island: 100 Big Island: 100 Big Island: 184
Oahu: 359 Oahu: 359 Oahu: 670
Maui: 70 Maui: 95 Maui: 120

As you can see just by these totals alone the CoVid-19 situation is not getting an better. I do not have to tell you that these totals will continue to climb and not decline if people will not do their part to solve the problem. And they ARE part of the problem whether they wish to take part in it and believe the matter or not. Why in the world can’t they SEE it for themselves?

How many times have these people been told, over and over again, to avoid large crowds, stop having large parties. Follow the restrictions. Even here on The Big Island, have nothing big. Only ten people inside, they are allowing, and ten people outside for a gathering. Not twenty all together. The number is ten people period. In or out for your party. Good Night. Ten people.
That doesn’t sound like a lot of people really, but think about it. That’s five couples and that sure SOUNDS like a lot and can turn out to be a lot when you think about it hard enough. But when people are planning a party, any kind of a party, ten people is never enough. And when the party is a Pre-party to Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years Eve, or any Holiday for that matter, the restrictions which are set up to save people’s very lives, even those, somehow find some way to go out the window.

And this coming Monday, the 6th of September, 2021, is Labor Day, the last Holiday of the Summer and the first Un-Official Day of Autumn.

Do I have to explain to you all again what that means to all of us if all us break down again and party-up super big?

Do any of you remember what it was like during The Memorial Day Weekend just a short time ago when everybody was partying at the beaches and everywhere and they said to heck with whatever restrictions there were? And do you recall what happened after?

The CoVid-19 situation got worse didn’t it? All around the World. Not just here in America.

However, I know you all already. You won’t listen to or remember anything I have said to you or tried to tell you. You will let Labor Day come and you’ll party and play and the CoVid-19 situation…..well……..I will have to guess the CoVid deaths will continue to rise and finally those who have the CoVid-19 already will get sicker until they also die all because they did not listen.

And here I am in Legacy Hilo. I can not party or go any place like everybody else mainly cause I still am unable to walk. I do not have real live cats to play with anymore…..only stuffed ones. I have half a room to myself with a T.V. on so low I am lucky I can hear it because I do not wish to bother my roommate. Does this bother me? No. I have gotten used to it, kind of.

I have books to read and puzzles to complete and games to play on my computer and a novel to continue with and finish that I have been working on since 2002, November. Yeah, that long ago.

Oh sure, I get depressed sometimes cause I don’t get to go out, but there are reasons. I have my jealous moments and times when I hurt deep down inside and I can do nothing else but cry.

But it doesn’t last. Not truly. Because I KNOW I am SAFE. I am in a safe place. I have people I can trust to take care of me and my needs so I do not have to worry for anything.

I have people who love me and who care about me and who send me things. Sometimes they surprise me with something I am not expecting.

I KNOW I am SAFE. Safe from The CoVid-19. Safe because I have had my two Vaccine Shots that some people refuse to take.

A few weeks ago, they started up with the NOSE Tests again here at Legacy Hilo. Oh yes, they are testing everyone. Both residents and staff. Then one day, one of staff members tested positive for the CoVid-19. THAT was, I tell you, a scary thing. Then another one tested positive. These ones were sent home. One week the Nurses Aides and Staff, came in to the residents rooms, wearing gowns and always masks. This has been going on for several weeks now. And the NOSE Tests continue for all of all, twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays because there are now some residents in here at Legacy Hilo who have had their tests come back positive for the horrible CoVid-19 which means when the Nurses Aides come, they have to close the doors to our rooms too now when they come in, while they are in the room with us, and when they go out.

I am safe so far. All my tests have said I am NOT positive for the CoVid. I am safe. And alive.

And looking quite forward to The Beautiful Season Of Autumn which I will always love.

With All My Aloha,
Your Very Dear,
Mary Ann-san