# 147: THE FIRST FOUR YEARS……1994 ——1998…….(Part 28)


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BLOG: # 1’s47: THE FIRST FOUR YEARS……1994 ——1998…….(Part 28)

The first four years of my Widowhood were actually very super hard. I was going back and forth to the Punchbowl in Honolulu to visit my Tony’s grave twice a month at that time. On the eighth and on the twentieth. And when my Birthday came and New Year’s Eve came, I would prepare ahead of time and spend a week over there on Oahu.

THAT was the way it was for me. That was the way it worked. I lived to go to Punchbowl for our twice a month visit so that I could say my Rosary and just BE with my dear Tony again for just a little longer. Just so I could have more time with him. Talk story with him some more.
And special things happened when I went there to be with him.

There was one time when I was there and a lady came from like it seemed out of nowhere and she was crying. When she stopped by me as I sat at Tony’s grave, I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she was looking for her late husband’s grave but she hadn’t been to Punchbowl in over ten years and couldn’t find it.

I really felt sorry for but what could I do?

Suddenly I knew. Like Tony was telling me, take this woman and walk with her and stop when I tell you to and you will have found the husband’s grave.

So this woman-stranger and I went walking and we walked for so long a time that she finally asked me if I knew where I was going. I didn’t have clue, but I was being guided so I said yes. Finally after going on just a bit more, I came to a stop and looked down.

Is this the one? I asked.

The woman looked. And through more tears, she cried: Oh my God. How did you find it? How could you possibly know where…….?

I had a little help, I said.

The woman looked around. But there is only you and I here, she said.

I smiled. My husband is here too. He is buried here. He helped me, I said at last.

What else could I say?

Afterwards, after she hugged me and said thank you over and over, I returned to Tony’s grave and sat there for a more longer time.

We never saw each other again.

I made several more trips to Punchbowl after this asking Tony what I was going to do because I was like worried cause I knew what monies he had left me would not last forever and I would have to get a job sometime. But I sensed I was being told to wait. The job would come to me. I would not have to go looking for it. The job would come..

Then, in 1998, when I was 49, something happened.

I had just returned back from one of my monthly trips to Punchbowl and had been grocery shopping and called for a Taxi to pick me up at Downtown KTA so I could go home. When the cab came, I went to sit in the back, and there was a woman already sitting there, but she moved over so I could get in.

We said hello to each other.

It seemed we were going to the same place.


She said she lived in Apt # 1 with her husband. John.

I said, I live in Apt, # 18, upstairs. I am Mary Feola.

I could tell there was something different about her but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was just then.

A short time after that, when we got to know each other a little better, my newly-found best friend, whose name was Gaile Ann Prugh, said she had spoken to her husband and then she asked if I would like to come work for them as a Chore-Worker.

I said yes.

The job, had indeed, come to me.

Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。