A RAINY DAY !! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


I must apologize to you all. I realize that tomorrow is indeed Mother’s Day but my Blog this week has nothing to do with that subject. It should I know, but, I am so sorry. No.

Please do not misunderstand. I DO NOT have anything against Mother’s Day. I think it is wonderful that our Mother’s should be celebrated. But perhaps more than just ONE day a year???

Happy Reading!

BLOG: # 59: A RAINY DAY !!

When I woke up this afternoon, I knew immediately what my subject for my Blog was going to be. It was raining and so I knew that was it.. How simple. Easy as baking a pie??

The rain outside got me to thinking. Usually when it is raining pretty big, the kids have to stay in doors and play. During the time when I was a girl-child. It was Jacks, Dolls, or whatever. Sometimes, it was my Train set. And I loved that A LOT. I think my Train set that I received for Christmas one year was the best present I ever got. Oh, okay. HAI. I can hear you right now. Aren’t TRAINS a BOY thing? I guess so. Except it was not so in my case. True. I do not have it anymore, but I still LOVE my Train set with all its tracks and all that went with it. Of this Train set, I have a lot of fond memories. The kind of wonderful memories that go deep into one’s heart and stay there. Even after one grows up.

And that brings me to the second point of this Blog.

What happens on A Rainy Day and you are an ADULT? It is not like when you were a child and could play all day and have tons of fun.
Being an adult and having a rainy fun day just does not happen. I am NOT looking for a PLAY DAY here even though I have not truly had one in ages. But usually rainy days are not fun for adults. Especially of course, if you do not drive and can not go any place. Like me. So rainy days CAN be a real drag.

In my case however, I do not have to make it that way. Instead of thinking about all the stuff I would rather NOT do for the whole entire day, I can make it a FUN rainy day and make myself VERY HAPPY. A lot of people can not do this because first of all, they do not have a freedom yet, of being retired. And second, they do not have the time to work on the job I have. MY WRITING JOB. HAI. Writing is a job. A real one. But I make it fun and look forward to it every day. SO…..this adult doesn’t really does not have to WORK and have a boring rainy day if she does not want to.

So I will go and have a FUN rainy day (which is different from a PLAY DAY by the way) and WRITE and work on my novels and enjoy myself. And I will do so tomorrow too, on Mother’s Day!


Aloha Until Next Saturday!
Your Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。