NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE!!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


Hi! It is I, your Mary Ann-san! It is a real sunny day here in Hilo and that means I am in a really terrifically good mood. So happy. Full of joy. And that is what we all need. Joy! Lots of joy! Have fun reading my latest Blog. I shall enjoy writing it for you.


My Dear Readers, can you guess what this blog has to do with just by its title? We all know what the words substitution means so, no surprise there. So, it should be easy for you to guess.

It has been several blogs since I have mentioned my favorite thing to do. My favorite passion: Cooking. So here I am. AGAIN.

I came across a recipe the other day which I was dying to make. TWO actually. One was with Spaghetti and Brussel Sprouts and the second one was for a Slaw which called for HOT SAUCE. Well, I suppose your dear Mary Ann-san does not have to tell you that she had neither the Brussel Sprouts OR the Hot Sauce. Now from watching the cooking show: Hell’s Kitchen I have learned that nothing makes Chef Ramsey more upset than when a customer comes to his kitchen with a complaint. I can understand why I suppose. But nothing upsets ME more than when I want to make a certain recipe and I am sure I have all the ingredients and then I find out at the last second, that I don’t. I told this to my friend just today. She asked me why couldn’t I substitute the missing ingredient with something else. Well, I am not that way. I try very hard not to do that.

Especially when I am making a new recipe for the first time. I do not substitute anything. As time goes along, I might ADD something to a recipe, therefore making it my own, but no way when it comes to substitutions. NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE!!! If a recipe calls for peas and I only have corn, there is no way, the corn is going in there. That is just the way I am. Besides, when you substitute something for something else, the recipe does not come out the same. It tastes different. It can be horrible. Any good chef can and will tell you that. So, if you are going to make a recipe, make sure you do it correctly. Even I know that you won’t be sorry.

So when you are making a recipe, make sure you have everything before you begin. And yes, today, I did get the Brussel Sprouts and the Hot Sauce. I also even managed to get one of my other favorite vegetables. Broccoli !!!

This advice is good for new cooks, Home Cooks, and even chefs who have been cooking for years! Have Fun and enjoy making your newest recipe, wherever it comes from be it from a grocery store or your Grandmother or even your Mother!

And then there is me who is STILL waiting for someone to say: OH. I got this recipe from my DAD. (Yes, and also Husband).

Again: Have Fun Cooking cause I know I will.

Aloha Until Next Saturday,
From: Your Dear Mary Ann-san

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