Are We Ready To Take On New Things? 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉


How are things with all of you everyone? Is The New Year really treating you nicely like it should? I should hope that it is. This is supposed to be the best year of all for us! And I for one, I. am going to show this year that I mean business. So, how about you? Will you, all of you, be doing the same? Doing your best and showing the New Year how to be its best too? Well, My Dear Ones, good luck to all of you. You have twelve months to do the job. Three hundred sixty-five days. Fifty two weeks. (Actually less now) to do your best. Shall we start now???

BLOG : # 96 : Are We Ready To Take On New Things?

Ah yes now My Dear Ones. Here we are. It is a brand New Year which is just about two weeks old now. And well, what have you done? What has anyone done? Anything new and exciting or are you still sitting around doing the same old things that all of you did last year? Are you still eating the same old things or are you venturing into the new and different and trying new things? Are you dressing differently? Nicer? Showing the world—-NO!—-showing GOD—-that you care how you look and that HE created you.

Are you trying to be new and beautiful and kind to everyone you see and meet? Does your love and politeness show to everyone or are you one of those complainers and whiners who prefer to live in the land of darkness and hate and discontent and who keep away from people?

Are you showing hurt because The New Year has started? Are you being driven by envy because someone has it better than you this year already. Have you suddenly developed a tremendous case of the: “I WANTS’ and “I AM BETTER THAN YOU SO I SHOULD HAVE IT ALL “ attitude?

It is a New Year and said year should be full of love and peace and all things joyful. There should be no hurt. No jealousy. No hate. Turn from these then and show LOVE to all in this New Year. Especially to yourself. Because if you love yourself more in this New Year you can certainly show that love to others.

Take on LOVE first.

Then you can and will be able and will want to take on other new things.

I promise.

Aloha Everyone!
FROM Your Dear Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。