NEW YEAR BEGINNINGS !!! 「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

I want very much to wish all of you, My Dear Readers, Friends, Fans, All of you who read my Blogs on a weekly basis, every caring person who takes the time to stop and read what it is I have written for you, I want very much to wish all of you, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. May the year of 2019 bring joy and happiness to all of you and may it be one of our better years bringing love and all the things we are hoping for. May everyone’s wishes for this great and wonderful, fantastic and marvelous, grand and exciting year, of 2019, come true. Happy New Year to All of You! May it be your best one yet!


I must admit it BIG TIME to ALL of you! I have never been more excited about a New Year coming than I am about the arrival of this one. This is MY BIG YEAR. Not just mine but everyone’s. It is MY BIG YEAR personally because my SUPER BIG BIRTHDAY is coming. For each and every one of you, this beautiful year could be bringing something else. What that is, I have no idea. I only know what is happening for me at this time, which also includes moving downstairs to a new apartment at long last. But guess what, I know…. I know that 2019 is not going to be all about me. And I do not want it to be. I want others, all My Readers to have just as great a time as I am having.

I am wishing every good thing for all of you. All of you are my friends and I seriously want and desire the best for you. I want happiness and joy for you and things brought into your life that are pleasing. Perhaps this year will bring some of you a new job or a new move to another part of Japan. Maybe some of your wishes involve looking forward to being retired so you can spend time finally doing what it is you want. Perhaps this year will bring some of you here to America for the first time, maybe even to HAWAII and The Big Island where your Mary Ann-san lives and enjoys her life. It could be some of you are looking forward to your older sisters or brothers getting married. And maybe, maybe, there is a first grandchild on the way for some of you. Or a first child period. I look toward the good things for this year and am waiting on them. Wishing for them in a super big way actually.

There are all kinds of wishes. Maybe some of you will be getting yourself your first car this year. (DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE PLEASE!). And will proudly show your Driver’s License off to friends and family. As for myself, I am not one of those lucky ones as I never learned to drive and have always had to depend on others to take me where I wish to go. That is good too, of course. But if you can drive you are much more independent.

Do any of you have a special wish for this year of 2019? If you do, I hope it comes true for you in a big way.

The New Year is moving along and the music that ushers it in is slowly fading away but if you all listen close enough, you can still hear it if you want to. Share in that music and in the love and joy and happiness that IS The New Year. As for me, I can still hear that music as I type out this Blog # 95 for you. It is still loud enough for me to hear and still as beautiful as can be. There are some years that come in that are not so good, but I have a feeling that this year of 2019 will not be that way. It will be beautiful and special and sad at its leaving when New Year’s Eve comes around again for 2020.

But then, let us all hope that next year, will be as GRAND as this one and another one we can all look forward to with the greatest of joys.

Don’t you wish it could be that way always????


Aloha And The Best Of All Good Wishes For 2019,
From: Your Dearest Mary Ann-san

Mary Annさんはカリフォルニア生まれです。