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To All Of You With Love!! My Joyful Readers!! Thank You For Being So Loyal To The Reading Of My Blogs!! As You Know, I Enjoy Writing Them So Very Much!!


I thought I would talk to you all about CAREER DAY this week.

Since I am not quite all that sure how your School System works in Japan, I am not at all that sure if you have such a thing as Career Day there or if you even know what it is or know about it. So, I thought I would go ahead and take a chance and talk about mine. And yes, I did go to my Career Day. But I think I — oh wait — I am already getting ahead of myself. I should explain first.

I am not sure about YOU, but Career Day HERE is for Seniors in High School. Before the Career Day comes, the Seniors that want to, sign up to go to special classes about the Careers that they might be interested in going into once they are graduated and out of school. They come to school on Career Day and skip their regular High School Classes and go to the all-day Career Day classes and listen to the speakers talk about the careers they (we) signed up for.

Now, as I said, I signed up for some classes and went to my Career Day.

In my case, I had chosen Science (Space, as in Space Travel), and Creative Writing (which could lead anywhere). But the class I had chosen which interested me the MOST of them all however, was the one on JOURNALISM.

I sat in the front row of the classroom, listened intently and took as many notes as I possibly could. This was it. This is what I wanted! I found what I was going to be! You know that question you are always asked: “SO and SO — my friend — what are you going to be when you grow up?” I knew! I actually KNEW! My mind was made up! I was going for a Career in Journalism and be a Journalist! I was so happy, so pleased, so thrilled!

My parents were thrilled too. Well, at least my Father was. My uncle was too. He was the Editor of The Portland Oregonian when he was alive. So, WRITING, was in my blood even then — and now I was going into Journalism!

Time managed to go on. And in spite of my superior efforts at research and all the things I had to do for getting into my”planned” career, I some how think, I missed my “CALLING”.

My “planned Journalism” calling.

How could this happen?

Well, as it turns out, I never went to College. But THAT, is not the point. I really think that it was the other thing that really stopped me from making Journalism my Career and my becoming a Journalist.

I liked to write.

And why is THIS such an important point when I am talking about Journalism and my being a Journalist? Because it was THEN that I made an important DISCOVERY that changed EVERYTHING.

I discovered that I enjoyed WRITING stories MORE than REPORTING on them!

SO…….did I REALLY miss my “Calling” ?

Well, if you’re looking at things from a Journalism standpoint, I guess that you might have to say — Yes — I did.

However, I personally really do not think so because I have made a “career” out of doing what I love — WRITING — and guess what My Dear Readers — my Blogging to you every week — is now a part of that!

So — No — I did not miss my “Calling” at my Career Day — after all.

-Mary Ann

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