Moving is not fun. 英会話「あぜりあ」本八幡・西船橋・津田沼・佐倉

Moving is not fun.

Last month I moved to a new apartment after only living in my previous one for around 2 months or so. While I was excited to move because my new place is bigger and closer to my school, I was dragged back to reality about how much it sucks to move around in Japan. I’m lucky I didn’t have to use the train or mail myself boxes or pay for some moving service. I probably would have given up and just ran away to live under a bridge…..I’m just kidding. But doesn’t that sound really tiring?

Packing and moving to me is the easiest part about moving. It’s the having to go to City Hall that drives me crazy. In America we don’t have to do such a thing. When you change your address all you have to do is update your address with the post office so you get your mail and of course contact your banks and other important places to change your address. The best part about all of that is that most of it can be done online. I really wish it was that easy in Japan too.

Maybe somewhere in the future things will change so that things will become easier for people and not have to wait several hours at city hall. But I do understand why they do that here in japan….and that’s just the way things are. So maybe things won’t change and people will forever be given headache from the back and forth that is involved.





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